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Do you hear the music?
Nowadays it is always easier for you to listen to your music anywhere and at any time. Be it at home, at work or at leisure. In a classic way, we start with the Walkman. A device that is hardly anywhere in operation today. A tape, wound on two rollers, is read by the device. The information contained in it is output via the headphones. Typical handgrips are, for example, spooling or turning the cassette. At some point, the walkman was replaced. The discman was now more frequently sighted. This is basically only a portable CD player, which plays the music on the inserted CD via headphones.
With the triumph of the MP3 files, it was almost self-evident that everyone would like to play their MP3's on the road. There are now many possibilities for this. It all started with normal MP3 players. These have an internal memory, which can be played with the songs using a PC. These players were later smaller and smaller then were combined with USB sticks, which simultaneously store everything to data   And could play music or even act as a dictation device.

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