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The sound starts on the radio
Everyone who sits much in the car knows the problem. You can walk around the area for hours and want some entertainment to spice up the ride. But without a decent Autoradio, this is difficult. In this category you will find a wide selection of radios of all kinds. Should it be a simple CD radio? No problem. However, some prefer a few technical gadgets. To eliminate the confusing CD collection from the car, most radios now have a USB port for playing your MP3 files from a USB stick or card readers that can play back your songs from memory cards directly. If this is not enough, you can look at the double-DIN radios here. These radios are twice as high as normal autoradios, providing much more space to distribute the many function buttons, and thus often have a more appealing design than normal radios. The next level includes the touchscreen. The control elements as well as title display are integrated in the screen.

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