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Mobile Disco - but with system
Every DJ knows the problem. Many effects devices, amplifiers, CD players and mixers want to be transported to the next party. And once you get there you have to be able to build up everything on the stage. This must then happen as quickly as possible because the first guests arrive shortly. Plates must also be transported? CDs can not fly loose?
Here you will find everything you need to store your equipment properly and securely. You will find racks and drawers here for the sorted arrangement of your equipment. For the archiving and sorting of your CDs and disks, you will also find CD and disk cases. Would you like to sniff a little in the world of disc jockeys? Or perhaps something in your cellar bar to make the sound? Are you looking for a sound system for your next party? Then you are exactly right here. In this category, you will find everything you need for the next party.
Everything you need for a successful party celebration is here. Whether it is a set of components for sounding and / or lighting an event or for mixing sounds.
Sets for the hobby DJ
Specially hobby DJs who want to sniff the air behind the turntables, Should be well here. For the beginning, a nice set of mixing consoles, PA boxes and amplifiers and in addition to record players for mixing. Already the beginner set is put together.
You would not like to pick up plates? Then you'll find great double CD players, which can even play your MP3 files.
For the transport there is a large selection of cases and suitcases as well as racks for the orderly, Storing your desired components.
Smaller, & nbsp; But also important parts would then also have the headphones and monitor boxes. You can also find microphones here.
You are not familiar with the components and want to make sure you find a system of matching parts? Then have a look at our complete sets. These are the components of our technical specialists, which are precisely coordinated with each other.
The light show can not be missed
The perfect party is only half as good if the guests do not have one Eyecatcher. Here you will find discolights and showeffects that will astonish you. Stroboscopes, lasers, LED spotlights and pairlamps give your party the finishing touches. In addition, a nice discokugel in the middle and already you have the absolute club atmosphere.
Another gadget would be a fog machine. Of course, you will also receive all consumables such as filter frames, fog fluid, etc.

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