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The alarm system - the secure burglary protection
The alarm system is a burglary protection system that is installed in an apartment or a house to alert uninvited guests. A good alarm system protects any home from uninvited guests and attacks, as well as from burglars, thieves and raids. It can protect the life and property of the owner by alerting the owner and their family of danger by an acoustic alarm. The burglars or the thieves can be expelled by the noise and the action time of the criminals can be so considerably restricted. In addition, there are alarm systems that use radio transmission to notify helpers such as the police or a security service and trigger a silent alarm so that they can be on the spot in a short time. A silent alarm can protect people from over-attacks. An alarm system can be operated using DC technology, bus technology or radio technology. In DC technology, current flows between the alarm groups of the alarm system. If a threshold value is exceeded, an alarm is triggered. With the help of bus technology, it is possible to provide a plurality of message points in order to improve the function of the alarm system. Verifying the message points of the system is usually done via a PC connected to the system. The wireless technology is a cable alternative to bus technology. Cabling is not necessary since all signals are transmitted via the wireless network. The various automatic alarm-triggering detectors can be installed by light barriers or motion detectors on corridors, in window frames or in the outside area. The infrared, ultrasound or microwave techniques are applied to the movement sensors of the various alarm systems. The so-called glass breakage alarms trigger an alarm in the event of a broken window or a damaged glass door. Even wallpapers can be equipped with alarms. The alarm is then triggered, for example, during a breakdown through the wall. In addition, each of the alarm techniques can be equipped with a video memory or a photocamera which, in the event of an alarm, automatically records the event on video tape or another memory. The incident can then be easily reconstructed. If the alarm system is sabotaged once, an alarm is also triggered in most cases. If a motion detector is smeared with color, for example, the system detects the changed visibility and triggers an alarm. An alarm is also triggered by the cable being capped, since a message is continuously transmitted to the reception center during the leased line. If this message disappears, the alarm is triggered automatically. In the last few years, more and more citizens in Germany have been creating a security system to protect themselves against burglaries, as it is in any case proving that the presence of an alarm system is a deterrent to many perpetrators.
An alarm system is a system that can protect people and objects from overprints.

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