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The introduction of the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) was a major milestone in the audiovisual media. The DVD DVD has now been replaced by the release of films from the videocassette. A DVD is basically a further development of the CD. A CD consists of a data layer on which two states can be stored at each location by means of elevations and depressions. This corresponds to one bit each. The DVD is based on the same principle. The difference, however, is that on a DVD there are several layers on which the corresponding data can be stored. The DVD player is a device that can read the individual levels of a DVD using a laser. Nowadays the DVD player is used in all areas. Whether it is in the home cinema, computer or car. The DVD can be played anywhere. The devices presented here deal with the playback of DVDs at home. A DVD player connected to the home TV gives you the possibility to play movies on your TV.

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