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DVD Surround Systems
At home with his friends watching a movie has always been a popular popular sport. But the times when you just sit in front of the TV are over. Nowadays, high-resolution images dominate the living room on large surfaces. But this is not all. The technology now makes sure that the viewer feels as if he is in the film instead of just taking part. It is also essential to ensure a perfect sound. For this purpose, sound systems have been developed. These systems bring surround sound into the living room. These systems consist of at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer. At this point, the positioning of the individual satellites is of the utmost importance. In normal cases, 2 boxes are placed behind the viewer. These are the surround boxes. 2 satellites are placed in front of the viewer. Front center the center speaker is set up. The subwoofer is usually placed in a corner of the room. A medium with surround sound functionality and an appropriate soundreceiver reproduce the sounds according to the film on the respective speakers so that the audience can hear from which direction a sound comes and thus gives the impression of being in the middle of the film.

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