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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Dear customer,

before and after purchasing a product, we're going to help you with conceivably questions and try to answer them. But questions and answers have to be written down, so there is always a delay.
Because of this we summarized the frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers to give you the possibility to answer your questions yourself. Perhaps, this may help you a bit.

Please try to find your question here, before writing an email or calling us.

We hope, that you can save a bit of time with this.

Yours ETC-Shop team

PS.: With a click on the menupoints, the corresponding submenus will open.

1. General
1.1 Is it possible to reserve a product?
Sorry, but this is not possible.
1.2 Is it possible to buy a product and pay it later??
Of course you can pay later. But it can be that you will get payment reminder or warnings automatically if you're going to wait to long. Normally, all of our products are available for a longer time, so that you can place your order later.
1.3 How can you be contacted by phone?
Normally we are on phone from monday till thursday between 8:00am and 5:00pm and friday from 8:00am till 2:00pm under +49 (0) 2692 9338380. On statutory holydays our office is not manned.
1.4 Why is it impossible to reach you via phone?
Sometimes all of our employees are talking or all of our lines are busy. Please try it later again or send us an email.
1.5 How can I register as supplier?
There is no possibility to get a special supplier-account, because all of the orders are managed with one system. If you want to place a bigger order, please contact our service and ask for a individual offer.
1.6 Can I get a tax-free shipping outside germany?
This is possible under certain qualifications. Before placing the order, we need the correct company-name with the corresponding adress and the sales tax-id. Although the adress has to lie in the country, where the product will be delivered to.
2. Shipping and delivery
2.1 How long takes the shipment?
We're trying give every package as far as possible to our shipping partner.

At every change of state of your order, you will receive an email. So you are always able to see the current state of your order. Normally our shipping partner needs 1-2 workdays for the delivery. Further information about the shipping can be found here: Shipping- and delivery-costs.
2.2 What takes cash on delivery?
Our shipping partner takes 5 €. We have to calculate this in the shipping costs. Please consider that the carrier takes 2 €, which cannot be shown on our invoice.

Further information about the shipping can be found here: Shipping- and delivery-costs.
2.3 Is it possible to make cash on delivery outside germany?
We're sorry. But this is not possible with our shipping partner.
2.4 What takes the shipping for my order inside germany?
Please take a look in our overview: Shipping- and delivery-costs
2.5 What takes the shipping for my order outside germany?
This depends on the country, where the product has to be delivered to. Please ask for the costs before placing your order. For this we need the country, the zip-code and the prefered product.
2.6 Where is my package?
A good answer to this questions only knows the shipping partner. After creating the shipping-order you will receive an email with the corresponding package-number to your delivery via email.

With the link in this mail, you can monitor the delivery of your package. So you can see, where it is at the moment. Please consider that packages will be fetched two times a day. Because of this, the tracking is not possible immediatly. Please check the state of the delivery after 6:00pm in the tracking-system-
At this time, it is possible that your package has been scanned.
2.7 Is it possible to fetch my product?
Normally is it possible.

But if you want to do this, please place your order by phone. So we can ensure that the prefered product will be available at this time. In this case, you have to pay cash.
2.8 Do you have the possibility to deliver with another partner than DHL?
We have a framework contract with DHL. So we have to deliver with DHL.
3. Before purchasing
3.1 How can I place an order?
Orders can be placed in our online-shop, via email or via phone.
3.2 How does your checkout work?
After completing the checkout, you will receive an email to the email adress you've entered (please take a look at your spam-folder, if you won't receive a message). In this mail you can find a status link. Please click on it or copy it to the adressbar of your browser. So your will get to your account in our shop.
3.3 Is a installment sale possible?
Outside germany wo don't offer such a payment method.
3.4 Did you receive my order?
You will receive an email after completing the checkout process. If you don't receive this mail, please check your spam-folder.
3.5 What do I have to use as reference at the payment?
Please use the ORDER ID, which you will have received in the order confirmation. You can see it also under "my account" on our website.
3.6 Is it possible to get graduated prices when I order more products?
Of course. Please contact us via email or phone to get an individual offer.
4. After Purchasing
4.1 Where can I find your bank details?
Domestic bank transfer

Volksbank RheinAhrEifel eG
Bank code: 577 615 91
Account no: 600 141 800
Holder: H. Thiel

International bank transfer

Volksbank RheinAhrEifel eG
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
IBAN No.: DE17 5776 1591 0600 1418 00
Swift Code GENO DE D1 BNA
Holder: H. Thiel
Please enter your order-id at every payment. Only over this way, your payment can be assigned correctly.
4.2 How do I get my invoice?
The invoice will be sent to the email adress, you entered in the checkout. You can find the invoice in the attachment of the mail.

If you don't receive an email, please check your spam-folder. Perhaps some mail programs filter this mail. Although you can access this invoice under "my account" to view or print it.
4.3 How can ich change the payment method?
In the checkout, you can choose between several payment methods. The shipping costs will be regulated corresponding to your choice.

If your order is finished, you can change the payment method under "my account".
4.4 Is it possible to add products to an existing order?
If theres no payment for the order and no invoice exists, you can order more products in the checkout.

Of course you can also change your order via email oder telephone.
4.5 Can you assign my payment if the reference is wrong or empty?
Generally this is no problem. In this case your name or another detail of your order has to be found on the payment.

If you dont receive a payment confirmation, please get in contact with us. Then we have to search your payment manually.
4.6 Is it possible to change the invoice afterwards?
No sorry. An invoice is an official document, which will be sent to the finance authority after it has been created. Every change aftewards can be classified as financial fraud.
5. Problems - Claims - Support
5.1 My delivery is not complete. What can I do?
Wait. If you have ordered a dj-set or a bigger package, it can be that, the delivery will be sent from two warehouses.

This can cause delays in your delivery.
5.2 How do I find small parts, which were not included in the delivery, although they were listed in the description of the product?
Please check the package for it. Sometimes accessoires can be found in special notches inside the package. If you cant find it neverless, please contact our support-team at to get an additional delivery.

Please be patient if the additional delivery takes morge time. We dont have all parts in out warehouses. So, we have to reorder them.
5.3 What can I do, if I've got the wrong product?
First: Accept the delivery and open the package to find out, which product you've got.

It can be, that our warehouseman has used another outer package with another article number. But this doesn't mean, that the content is packaged wrong. If there is the wrong product inside the package, please contact our service team. So we can start a replacement quickly.
5.4 How can I send a product back to you?
Please contact us before sending the product. Often, the devices are not connected correctly. Because of this the devices do not work.

If a replacement is necessary, please send the product to the following adress: GmbH & Co. KG
Auf der Steinrausch 12

53539 Kelberg


But first, please send an email with your customer number or your order id to Please describe the error in this mail. So we can process your issue fast.
5.5 Is it possible to send a product post-free back to you?
Please don't. We cannot guarantee, that post-free products can be accepted in our warehouses. Please contact our service-team, BEFORE sending products back.
5.6 I've returned a product. When do I get my money back?
After the product has reached our warehouse, it has to go through some stations there. We have to process this in this way because of the legislation. This can cause a delay of some workdays.

Generally the payment returns by the same way, in which we got it.
6. Technical questions
6.1 My I-Pod is not listed in the description of a special stereo. Can connect it regardless?
According to our information, all usual I-Pod models are fitting to our docking-systems. Unfortunately we only get a list with compatible devices, wich you can find in the description of the product. These devices were tested with these docking-stations

If your I-Pod doesn't match, you can return the product.
6.2 Which headunits are fitting in my car?
If it's not described in another way, our car headunits are in conformity with the din standard. This means, that they are produced in standard dimensions. So they normally fit in every car, which slot conforms the standard dimensions.

If you are not sure, please check this in the manual of your car.
6.3 Do I need a adapter for my new car headunit?
Generally not, because the plugs are having standard dimensions. Sometimes the car manufactures are using own plugs.

For this you can find the corresponding adapters in our shop. You also can find information to this in the manual of your car.
6.4 My system isn't able to read my cd's. What can I do?
In the process of manufacturing oder storing the product, dust can be collected on the lense. This can be cleaned with a cleaning-cd or with a air blast.

If this won't fix the problem, please contact our service-team under to register a complaint.