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Here you'll find some helpful tips to the function of our online-shop.

Log-in or register
If you wan't to buy something in our online-shop, you have to register as a customer. You'll get the possibility to register in the checkout, over the register-link, which can be found on the top of the page or here. With a click on this link, the page with the registration formular will open. Please enter your data in the corresponding fields and click on the button "save".

If you are already a customer, you can log-in at the same position. By clicking on log-in, a small window will open, where you can enter your email adress and your password. If you have lost your passwort or if your email adress has changed, please click on the corresponding links in the log-in-window. You can log-in with a click on the log-in button after entering the email adress and your password.

Product view
After opening a product, you will get an overview over the article. This overview contains pictures, information to price and shipping and the article description.
To lay a product in the basket, please enter the amount in the field left to the picture and click on "into the basket". After that the product view will reload and a mini-basket will be shown shortly. To get further information to the product, you can view the manual or a product-video. The button for the manual can be found on the right side. The product video is positioned in a register next to the article description. Unfortunately we don't have a manual or a video to every product. The buttons for manual and video will only be shown, if one of this parts is available for this product. In addition, you can add the product to your watchlist. Further information you will get under "Watchlist" in this help.

My account
"My account" gives an overview about all your activities in our shop. Here you have the possibility to view your watchlist, your orders and your vouchers. You can also change your password or your email adress here and logout from your account.

In the product view, you will find a button named "to watchlist" on the right. With a click on this button, this product will be added to your watchlist. The watchlist is very useful if you want to view a product in detail later. To view your watchlist later, please log-in and click on "my account" on the top of the page. There you will get to a page, where you can open your watchlist. There, you have the possibility to delete products from your list.
This function is only available for registered customers. The use of the watchlist doesn't commit to sale.

In the product view, you will find a button named "into the basket". With a click on it, the corresponding product will be added to your basket. After that, the product view will be reloaded and a box with a small overvew about your basket and all products in there will be shown. This basket overview can also be shown by clicking the small arrow on the top right.

This function gives you the possibility to take a fast look into your basket without changing to another site. With a click on "to checkout", you will get to the real basket.

The basket is made up of some parts: product overview, delivery country, payment methods, shipping methods and price information.

On the top of the page, you will find the progress of the checkout.

In the article overview, you can see all products, you have added to the basket. There you have the possibility to delete products or to change the amount for the order. After making your changes, please click "refresh basket".

After the choice of the delivery country, please choose your preferred payment method by clicking the corresponding button of the payment method. Further information to the payment methods can be found in the overview to the payment methods.

Now please choose your preferred shipping method by clicking the corresponding button. Further information to the shipping can be found in the shipping information.

To view the whole costs for this order you can find a summary on the left of the basket. Value of good, shiping costs and VAT will be shown there. After that, you will see the total for this order.

If you've got a voucher from us, you can redeem it before continueing to the checkout by entering the voucher-code in the field in the summary-box. Just enter your code there and click on "redeem voucher". The amount of the voucher will be subtracted from the total of your basket.

If you have made all of your settings, please click the button named "to checkout".
ETC Shop - the discounter for audio & hifi, dj-equipment, car-hifi, TV-Satelite & DVD, Kitchen & household, Lamps & light, electronic, beauty & fun, home & garden

ETC Shop offers in distribution a diversified range of electronic products. If you need a complete pa-system for the gastronomy, a hifi-system for your first car, a radio recorder for the little daughter or professional headphones for the upcoming dj, the ETC Shop offers always anything for the low budget. Everybody can find anything here for his personal taste and his scope.
Enjoy your coffee in the morning from a coffee machine from the ETC Shop. You also need the fitting toast from our toasters. Here your will find every electronic device, you need in a modern kitchen - breadmaker, egg cookers, raclette, fondue or a cheap cooking plate - just search in our categories and discover the whole world of the ETC Shop.
If you are searching for illumination, you are right here. You can find lamps in large variety as easy as the fitting bulbs.
Lamps for the wall, the ceiling, for children or floor lamps. All of them are listed here. Illuminate your garden or the exterior with special lamps from the ETC Shop.
Personal service before and after ordering is quite natural. Don't be relucant to contact us. Just shop around the amazing world of www.etc-shop.de.