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Shipping costs

1. General
The products of this website are an offer to the end-consumers, who are having their home inside europe. Exceptions need a special arrangement.

2. Delivery times
Your offer will be processed directly and but not later than the next workday. The delivery will be made within 1-3 Days. All made arrangements to the shipping, especially appointments and deadlines are non-binding.

3. The DHL Packstation program
As a long-time partner of DHL, we can offer the delivery to a packstation next to your home. This offer is adressed to the working population, who isn't reachable the day and are not able to get a package personally.

In the case of a delivery to a packstation, your package will be stored there in a seperate case, which can be openend by you the whole day.

4. Package- and shipping costs
The amount of the packages and the shipping costs were calculated bei the weight of your order.

For the shipping within Germany , we calculate from a total value of € 100.00 no shipping costs. With a total amount of less than € 100.00 € 4.95 per package will be charged.
Shipping costs graduation
Number of packages Shipping costs
1 Package4,95 €
2 Packages9,90 €
3 Packages14,85 €
4 Packages19,80 €
5 Packages24,75 €
6 Packages29,70 €
7 Packages34,65 €
8 Packages39,60 €
9 Packages44,50 €
Attention! In several articles, please refer to the shipping costs in the overview of your shopping basket!

5. Delays
If a order will be delivered with a delay, you will be informed via email or phone.

6. Additional delivery
If a part of your order is not available at the moment, it will be delivered in addition for free inside germany.

7. Shipping costs outside germany
In these country we normally delivery via pre-payment. Costs for every package up to 31000 g.
Belgium17.95 EUR
Bosnia and Herzegovina 67.95 EUR
Bulgaria 66.95 EUR
Denmark 17.95 EUR
Estonia 29.95 EUR
Finland 24.95 EUR
France 17.95 EUR
Greece42.95 EUR
Great Britain19.95 EUR
Ireland 24.95 EUR
Iceland 57.95 EUR
Italia 19.95 EUR
Yugoslavia 57.95 EUR
Croatia 57.95 EUR
Latvia 29.95 EUR
Liechtenstein 17.95 EUR
Lithuania 29.95 EUR
Luxembourg 17.95 EUR
Malta 57.95 EUR
Macedonia 57.95 EUR
Monaco 47.95 EUR
Netherlands 17.95 EUR
Norway 69.95 EUR
Poland 29.95 EUR
Portugal 24.95 EUR
Sweden 19.95 EUR
Switzerland *47.95 EUR
Slowenia 29.95 EUR
Spain 24.95 EUR
Czech Republic29.95 EUR
Turkey 47.95 EUR
Hungary 29.95 EUR
Holy See (Vatikan) 77.95 EUR
Austria 17.95 EUR
Slovakia29.95 EUR
The delivery to countries outside EU has to be declared. This has to be paid by the customer.
Please contact us for information about shipment in not listed countries before ordering.
* Deliveries outside EU, additional taxes have to be paid. Further information are available under and especially for swiss under


8. Free shipping
Deliveries in actions which are priced with free-shipping are only free for orders, which will be delivered inside germany. For the other countries, the regular shipping costs of the corresponding country have to be paid.
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