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{"id":765,"parentCategoryId":1064,"level":2,"type":"item","linklist":"Y","right":"all","sitemap":"Y","clients":[{"plentyId":2227}],"details":[{"categoryId":765,"lang":"en","name":"Audio & technique","description":"","description2":"<p><span style=\"color:#464646; font-size:12px; line-height: 50%;\"><strong>Enjoy music, the finest, audio &amp;amp; Hifi from the ETC Shop<\/strong><br \/>\r\nAre you looking for a new stereo system? You need a nice kitchen radio? Then you are right here.\r\nIn this category you will find everything that has to do with music and sound. Just imagine your wish system.\r\nClick through our range and check out our selection of Hifi products.<br \/><br \/><strong>Everything for the next party or small event<\/strong><br \/>\r\nDo you want to sniff a little in the world of disc jockeys? Or perhaps something in your cellar bar to make the sound? Are you looking for a sound system for your next party?\r\nThen you are exactly right here. In this category you will find everything you need for the next party. All accessories, which are necessary for a successful celebration, is compiled here.\r\nWhether it is a set of components for sounding and \/ or lighting an event or for mixing sounds. Here you can find everything you need.<\/span><\/p>","shortDescription":"","metaKeywords":"","metaDescription":"","nameUrl":"audio-technique","metaTitle":"","position":"0","updatedAt":"2019-05-08T14:23:31+02:00","updatedBy":"","itemListView":"ItemViewCategoriesList","singleItemView":"ItemViewSingleItem","pageView":"PageDesignContent","fulltext":"N","metaRobots":"ALL","canonicalLink":"","image":2765328,"imagePath":"category\/765\/kat1-audio-technik.jpg","image2":null,"image2Path":null,"plentyId":2227}]}