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Are you in the process of furnishing your new home according to your taste and personal preferences? If so, you certainly know that, of course, beautiful furniture, but also the appropriate decoration play a major role. However, the effect that an aesthetic lamp has on rooms like the living room should not be underestimated. Not only does it provide pleasant lighting and set the room well in scene, but some specimens can also act as a real eye-catcher. This type of lamps includes, in addition to wall lamps, floral specimens that always cut a good figure in the corresponding room. Whether large, small, colored or transparent-simple - in our online store we have a suitable model and accessories for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about one of our articles, shipping, shipping costs or delivery? Of course, we will provide you with more information and will be happy to advise you.

What distinguishes a floral ceiling lamp?

Florentine ceiling lamps - as they are also called - are a real eye-catcher within the room. Unlike ordinary pendant lights, they stand out in particular due to their unusual, graceful and sometimes magnificent design, reminiscent of chandeliers. This captivates especially by fine ramifications or lampshades in flower optics, which make the light composition appear like a work of art. Accordingly, the lamp - even when switched off - can be described as a real eye-catcher, which causes a sensation by its appearance alone.

Due to the many ramifications, the light compositions are also called "flamboyant". While the lamps remain fundamentally true to each other in terms of style, a distinction can still be made between the models. In our store you can find both classic, floral ceiling lamps made of metal, which are kept in a simple white, brass or silver tone and thus look particularly noble. If, however, the lamp should bring some color into the room or should fit from the style to a country house, we also have some specimens ready for this.

Where do the lamps have their roots?

The floral ceiling lamps originally come from the Italian city of Florence - from which the name is also derived. Even in the Middle Ages, the city's coat of arms featured magnificent flowers. More precisely, it was irises that shaped and influenced the craftsmanship from the 20th century onwards in terms of lamp manufacturing. The trend continues to this day, and is therefore more classic than new, and continues to represent the flagship of Florence.

What material are the luminous compositions made of?

Although the lamps are a real work of art even when switched off, their true radiance only comes to light once the lamp is in operation. This is partly due to the material from which the floral ceiling lamps are made. The flower-shaped lampshades or other decorative elements, which are placed in close proximity to the illuminant (each socket has an LED), have another function in addition to the beautiful appearance. Due to the reflective properties of glass or crystal, they ensure that the light is distributed in appealing patterns throughout the room, which makes it look particularly good. Moreover, this additional feature gives the lamp a noble look, which is guaranteed to attract all eyes.

Which types of protection are suitable?

Since a floral light composition is quite delicate due to its fine ramifications, you should also pay attention to a suitable protection class for this light composition. This is always indicated by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two subsequent digits. The first number indicates protection against foreign bodies, while the second number provides information about immunity to water. Depending on the space in which you want to install the luminaire, different types of protection are suitable:

  • IP20: for premises in which water, dust and dirt are generally not important, this low level of protection is sufficient. Thus, the floral ceiling lamp is not protected against moisture, but it is protected from small foreign bodies.
  • IP44, IP65: If, on the other hand, you plan to install your floral ceiling light in the bathroom or kitchen, the degree of protection depends on the exact place of installation. If there is some distance from the sink, the bathtub, shower or sink, IP44 (protected against splashing water and foreign bodies) is ideal. If you are in close proximity to water and moisture, on the other hand, you should go for a model with IP65 (protected against water jets and dust from all sides).