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Spotlight spotlights

When you look around your home like this, the first thing that comes over you is satisfaction. spreads in you. The pieces of furniture correspond completely to your taste and also for and you have already taken care of suitable decorative elements such as taken care of. Nevertheless, the final touches are still missing, in order to set special highlights of the room to set the scene appropriately. In addition, the room could be a little brighter illuminated. In this case, spotlights are just what you need! This lighting composition impresses with its ability to illuminate different areas of a room in a targeted manner, thereby highlighting highlights separately. In our online store you will find a wide selection of our products with many different light models and accessories. Do you have questions about one of our articles, the delivery time, the shipping or the shipping costs? We will of course be happy to advise you and provide you with further information.

What are spotlights?

These lamps are special ceiling lights or wall lights, which consist of several, individual light elements. In some cases the lamps are also available as recessed lamps. In most cases, the number of them amounts to two, three or four spots (also called "flames"), in each of which, as in the case of pendant lights, one LED is installed. Depending on the purpose for which you want to use the lamp, there are different models with a corresponding number of spots. In addition, the spotlights are not characterized by an extravagant design or a particularly noble exterior, but focus on the generation of light LED as a light source. 

The task of these interior lights is therefore to put certain objects or pieces of furniture in a good light when switched on and to illuminate them accordingly. For this reason, the spotlights come in a simple look and color such as white, black, silver or anthracite. Some models are also dimmable and at the same time allow you to adjust the angle of incidence of the light or the exact position of the spots according to your needs.

Where are the lamps suitable?

In principle, these lamps can be used in all rooms. Due to your flexible lighting elements, you can align the lamp in such a way that it illuminates the desired area even over a large area and provides a pleasant ambience within the room. Whether it's in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the workroom, the possibilities are basically endless. However, if you want to make the most of the design of the LED spotlights, you can also use them to spotlight individual objects and set the scene with a small beam angle of the light. The spotlights can therefore also be used as a supplement to a larger lighting composition such as floor lamps and direct the focus to individual areas of the room.

Which beam angle should you choose?

If you are considering the purchase of a spotlight, it makes sense to think about the appropriate to think about the appropriate beam angle in advance. This determines the spread of the light and defines how large the illuminated area is. illuminated area is. The beam angle is specified in degrees, refers to the light and not to the and not to the inclination of the lamp. Depending on the purpose for which you want to use such a such a ceiling lamp, it will require a corresponding beam angle. Below you will find a list of recommended with which the lighting compositions for ceilings will illuminate exactly the areas illuminate exactly the areas for which they are intended.

  • Illumination of individual objects, for example a painting or a sculpture: narrow beam angle from 4° to 19°.
  • Illumination of specific areas of a room: medium beam angle of beam angle from 24° to 40°.
  • Complete illumination of a smaller room: wide beam angle from 60° to 150°
  • Basic lighting of a larger room: very wide beam angle from 160° to 360

Which protection class should you choose?

Due to the fact that you can install Spot luminaires in rooms where water, humidity and dust play a role, you should pay attention to a suitable protection class. This consists of the abbreviation IP ("InternationalProtection") and two numbers. The first number indicates the protection against foreign bodies, while the second number indicates the immunity with regard to water. For the living room, bedroom or children's room IP20 protection is quite sufficient. If there is a certain distance from wet zones such as the sink or shower in the bathroom or kitchen, IP44 is best. However, if the lamp is located in close proximity to the above places or even dusty areas, they should resort to IP65.