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Ceiling umbrella lights

When furnishing your four walls, it depends on many different aspects. For example, the selection of tasteful and coherent furniture is of high importance. The accompanying decoration should fit seamlessly into the appearance of your own home, which also applies to carpets and curtains. However, to make all of these furnishings stand out at any time of the day or night, you need appropriate lighting. A primary light source is essential for the well-rounded look of a room. Insofar as the corresponding lamp should not only shine brightly, but also look aesthetically pleasing, ceiling umbrella lamps may be just what you need. These lighting compositions convince with an enormous brightness, which extends over the entire room, as well as an attractive appearance of the lampshade, which you can freely choose according to your preferences. In addition to such a ceiling lamp, we carry a wide range of other lighting designs in our online store. These include outdoor lights as well as indoor lights such as table lights, pendant lights, wall lights and floor lamps, as well as matching accessories at a reasonable price. Do you have any further questions regarding delivery time, shipping, shipping costs or any of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with more information if needed.

What is a ceiling shade light?

These ceiling lights can be classified as primary lighting. This means that they are not only responsible for partial lighting of a certain area like a wall lamp, table lamp or floor lamp, but for the illumination of an entire room. Accordingly, their light is very widely distributed. Many umbrella ceiling lamps are circular or rectangular and flat, which is why they can be attached to the ceiling of the room like panels. The lampshade is often made of metal, paper or textile and significantly contributes to the appearance and style of the model. The lamps usually appear in rather plain colors such as white, silver, brass, black or cream. Behind a milky plastic cladding hides the illuminant, which in this case is an LED. This can convince with its environmentally friendly and efficient properties. In addition to the rather flat LED ceiling lamp, however, there are other models that have several lighting elements, each with a lampshade. They are also called "flame" and sometimes have five or more individual arms. Some models are also equipped with various additional functions. For example, they are dimmable, can be controlled with a remote control or change the color of the LED at will.

Where is an LED ceiling lamp suitable? 

You can install an umbrella ceiling lamp wherever a primary light source is needed. Due to its range, large rooms that are intended for spending time are particularly suitable. These include, for example, the dining or living room. Accordingly, the luminous objects serve their purpose in places where there is no need for targeted illumination, as on a wall, but for holistic lighting. These can be places such as the following:

  • In the hallway, to make any tripping hazards visible and less dangerous.
  • In the living room, where the luminaire provides a broad, yet pleasant and cozy light.
  • In the children's room and bedroom, to beautify the room with a chic luminous object.
  • In the staircase, to reduce the risk of accidents and increase safety.
  • In the dining room to accompany the gathering during meals like a pendant light with an atmospheric brightness.

How to install the ceiling lights?

Since such a model is a flat ceiling lamp, you do not have to deal with cumbersome cables or a base during installation. Nevertheless, the installation of an LED ceiling light should not be underestimated. You can perform simple operations that are mainly preparatory, such as drilling certain holes in the ceiling or fixing the bulb in the socket yourself. As soon as it is the turn of the electrical installation, you should have it done by an expert. In this way, you will reduce the risk of injury both during installation and in terms of subsequent use for yourself and those around you. In addition, it will ensure that the installation of the ceiling lamp was done correctly, and the model will have an optimal service life.

How to clean the models? 

Cleaning lampshades depends largely on the material from which they are made. For specimens with plastic, metal or paper shade, it is already enough to regularly remove dust with a feather duster. In the best case, you can integrate this kind of dry cleaning into your weekly cleaning routine. If the impurities are more stubborn, you should detach the shade from the lamp and clean it with gentle cleaning agents. A fabric shade, on the other hand, should be treated with mild detergent and then air dried. For wet cleaning, you should additionally note the following: 

  • Before wet cleaning: Do not forget the rough dusting!
  • Do not put the ceiling light back into operation until the shade is completely dry.
  • Paper shades are expressly not suitable for wet cleaning