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Children's room lamps

There is always something going on in children's rooms: they play, romp, tinker and paint. In order to keep track of these activities and to be able to find small parts in the furthest corners afterwards, appropriate lighting is necessary. This should not only fit seamlessly into the look of the most colorful rooms in the entire house, but also be safe, robust and bright. At best, these lighting compositions also have a dimmer to pleasantly accompany the child to sleep and remove the fear of the dark. All these features combine children's room lamps. The brightly colored children's lamps in all imaginable shapes bring color and brightness to the room of your offspring. They not only look chic, but also increase safety when things get a little more turbulent during play. These and other categories of interior lights such as floor lamps, wall lamps, a pendant or ceiling light and accessories can be discovered in our online store. Our assortment has a wide range, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect model for your four walls. Do you have questions about the price of our items, delivery, delivery time or shipping? Our friendly service will be happy to help you and provide you with more information if needed.

What are children's lamps?

Lamps for the children's or baby's room are characterized in particular by their bright colors and playful shapes. The number of different designs of lampshades is almost limitless. In our assortment you will find everything from a hanging lamp in the style of a fire engine to table lamps with a dino motif and playful ceiling lamps in white with unicorns. You can also choose between ceiling lamps, table lamps or models for the wall, all of which are suitable for different purposes. The special look of each one becomes clear with a look at the lampshade, which is individual, colorful and not infrequently equipped with a motif as well as designed.

In order for the spotlights to withstand minor collisions or contact with foreign objects during romps, they are made of robust materials such as plastic or metal. As a light source for each children's lamp is used a long-lasting and powerful LED. Matching the colorful exterior of the lamp, the latter can shine multicolored in some cases. In addition, many models are dimmable to provide a cozy and warm atmosphere inside the room just before bedtime.

Where is a children's room lamp used?

Based on the name, the rough area of application of such a model can be limited to the children's room. However, here - depending on the exact type of lamp - different places are suitable for installation. Thus, a distinction must be made between primary and secondary lighting, which, like wall lamps and pendant luminaires, illuminate either the entire room or, in the case of a table lamp, only a separate area. The following areas and applications prove to be particularly useful:

  • As a desk or work lamp on a table to facilitate the completion of homework and painting or crafting sessions.
  • On the ceiling, to light up play afternoons and illuminate the room widely.
  • As a wall light to help you fall asleep with warm light.
  • As a night light next to the bed, so that your child has the opportunity to orient himself in the immediate vicinity even in the dark with just the push of a button.

What should you pay attention to before buying such a lamp?

After installing a lamp and LED in the nursery, your child will be mostly unsupervised near the model. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to some aspects to increase safety and best protect the offspring from any dangers associated with the lamps. For example, you should choose one that is made of non-toxic materials such as paper, wood, metal or high-quality plastic. Insofar as the lamp is in close proximity to your child, a model made of glass is not advisable. If it comes to harm during play, the resulting shards could cause injury.

In addition, small decorative elements that your offspring could choke on are not a good idea. You can either remove them completely or attach them to the model so tightly that there is no risk of your child getting their hands on the small parts. To minimize the risk of electric shock, it is advisable to go for a low-voltage lamp. Several cables on the lamp are also trip hazards, so it is important to reduce them to a minimum.