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Spot Light

Floor lamps There is much more to decorating a room than beautiful furniture, a carpet and chic curtains. To ensure that the room is appropriately staged at all times of the day and that each area is shown off to its best advantage, it is essential to install a lighting structure. Primary and secondary lighting enhance your four walls and, in addition to being a source of light, can also serve decorative purposes, depending on the look. In as much as you are looking for a lamp that will only illuminate individual areas of a room, spot light floor lamps are just what you need. These models can illuminate targeted areas that require little light, thanks to the flexibly adjustable spots. If you are also enthusiastic about other interior lamps such as ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall lamps or pendant lamps, it is worth taking a look at our online store. Our wide range of products has all items including accessories, so there is a suitable model for every taste and budget. Whether you're interested in modern, classic, elegant or ostentatious lamps, you're sure to find the perfect fixture. Do you have any questions regarding shipping, delivery, shipping costs or any of our products? Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information upon request.

What is a Spot-Light floor lamp?

With such a floor lamp you decide for a high lamp, which usually consists of a stable base, a rod and the lampshade with a socket for the bulb. The latter here represents an LED, which is both powerful and environmentally friendly. The models are made of sturdy metal such as chrome and are available in plain colors such as black, silver or white, while the shade is often made of paper, textile or metal. Some specimens have multiple lighting elements and are therefore called "flame". Each spot is flexible and thus can be adjusted individually. Some floor lamps come with special additional functions. Thus, some specimens turn out to be dimmable, while others can be controlled with a remote control, switched on and off by touch or change their light color.

Where are the spot floor lamps suitable?

You can install your floor lamp in many different places. However, since this is a secondary lighting, you should install the model in combination with a primary lighting. In addition, the specimens are suitable primarily in rooms that are used for staying. This applies, for example, the living room, bedroom or dining room. Workrooms or rooms where moisture and dust play a role (for example, bathroom, workroom or kitchen) are rather unsuitable for the use of such a lighting composition. On the other hand, the following locations are predestined for installation: 

  • In the living room, to create a cozy atmosphere there.
  • Near an armchair or the sofa, so that a spot acts as a reading lamp.
  • As secondary lighting at the workplace, so that a contrast with the primary light source is beneficial to the eye.
  • In the bedroom, where the pleasant illumination of the spotlight serves as an aid to falling asleep.
  • In the dining room, to enjoy meals with warm illumination.

How to install the lights?

Installation of such a lighting structure is simple and does not require much time and effort. Since the specimens consist of a few individual parts that can be quickly screwed together, you can confidently perform the installation yourself. Mounting on the floor or wall is not necessary, as the models are free-standing in the room. Thus, the lamps are very flexible as well as universal and can be placed at any time in a different location. Unlike many outdoor lights, such a spotlight also has a cable with a plug that fits into any socket and reliably supplies the specimen with power.