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Wood Dining room is one of the most important areas of a house. This is usually where the whole family comes together to have dinner, talk about the day and spend time together. In order for everyone to feel comfortable, it is essential to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining area. However, this requires not only comfortable chairs and a beautiful table, but also an aesthetic lamp. For this case, a pendant lamp made of wood is ideal. The pendant lamp with a rustic look will perfectly fit into the cozy ambience during dinner and accompany you with warm light through the time spent together with the family. Insofar as you are interested in other interior lamps such as table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps or wall lamps as well as suitable accessories, you are exactly right with us. Our wide range offers the right model for every taste and budget, so you are guaranteed to find a perfect specimen. Whether rustic, classic, elegant, discreet or ostentatious - there is definitely something here for every preference. Do you have any questions regarding shipping, delivery, shipping costs or any of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to assist you and provide you with further information if needed.

What are pendant lamps made of wood?

These lighting compositions can be described as pendant lights, which are mounted on the ceiling of the room and hang from it to illuminate the area below. For this reason, it can be classified as secondary lighting, as it only illuminates parts of a room. It usually consists of two cables at the top, a central element in the form of a piece of wood and several lighting elements. These can be flames and consist of up to six individual bulbs. Some models are additionally equipped with a lampshade, which, for example, is made of textile or metal in anthracite or black. The illuminant represents in each case a powerful and environmentally friendly LED, which in some cases is also dimmable by touch. If there are individual spots, they can also be moved and individually adjusted.

For which room are pendant lights suitable?

Wood pendant lights in our range are designed for the dining area. There they can be mounted above the table and provide appropriate lighting during dinner or a game night. However, such a ceiling lamp is also suitable wherever a table is to be set in scene. This applies, for example, tables in the kitchen or coffee tables, which may be used for dining.

How high should the hanging lamp be installed?

Basically, the lamp should hang high enough so that you are not disturbed by it or could hit your head against the lampshades. It is recommended to install the model about 60 to 70 centimeters above the table surface. This will also prevent you from being blinded by the lighting structure. To achieve this height, you may need to shorten the textile cables of the hanging lamp, while some models are conveniently height-adjustable.

What should you consider before installing the pendant lamp?

Wooden pendant lamps for the dining table are currently very trendy and have already established themselves as furniture. However, before installing it is necessary to consider some factors. For example, an incorrectly mounted pendant lamp can quickly cast unwanted shadows or not sufficiently illuminate the area for which you purchased it. This happens, for example, with lamps that are mounted too high. Depending on the size of your dining table, you should also make sure to use an appropriately long wooden pendant light for it.

How are the lights mounted?

Wooden pendant lights are mostly installed on the ceiling with one or more cables. Therefore, these models require a different installation than a flat ceiling lamp. The simple operations, such as drilling certain holes in the ceiling or fixing the bulb in the socket, you can do yourself. However, if it comes to the electrical installation, you should have it done by an expert. This will reduce the risk of injury to yourself both during installation, and in terms of subsequent use. In addition, professional installation will ensure that your ceiling lamp will work correctly and will remain like new for a long time.