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{"id":337,"parentCategoryId":null,"level":1,"type":"item","linklist":"Y","right":"all","sitemap":"Y","clients":[{"plentyId":2227}],"details":[{"categoryId":337,"lang":"en","name":"Bulbs","description":"","description2":"<strong>We have the right bulb for your lamp<\/strong>\n<br \/>\nYou have bought a lamp, but you do not have the right bulb? We offer the right lamp for every lamp. Are you looking for a candle for your new ceiling light? In our assortment you have a wide selection of bulbs of different shapes and sizes. Whether GU10 or E27 socket, LED, halogen or RGB, in this category you will find it. With our bulbs you can achieve excellent lighting for your living space. Create a cozy atmosphere thanks to the RGB LED bulbs and decide in which color the selected area should be illuminated. With the corresponding remote control you can choose the colors as you like and dimming the lamps. A real highlight in every apartment is the rotating RGB LED disco light bulbs, which create a certain club atmosphere in your living room.&nbsp; You have a lamp with multiple versions and do not want to buy a single bulb? Of course, we also offer bulbs in sets. Take a look at our variety of sets of 2, 3 or 4 sets.\n","shortDescription":"","metaKeywords":"","metaDescription":"","nameUrl":"bulbs","metaTitle":"","position":"5","updatedAt":"2019-08-29T16:43:13+02:00","updatedBy":"Philipp Buchholz","itemListView":"ItemViewCategoriesList","singleItemView":"ItemViewSingleItem","pageView":"PageDesignContent","fulltext":"N","metaRobots":"ALL","canonicalLink":"","image":3139112,"imagePath":"category\/337\/kat2-leuchtmittel.jpg","image2":null,"image2Path":null,"plentyId":2227}]}