Garden lanterns

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Garden lanterns

A beautiful garden lives not only on aesthetically pleasing decorative elements and a variety of furniture made of wood. To ensure that your green spaces are appropriately staged at any time of the day or night, there should be no lack of pleasant lighting. The appropriate specimens will accentuate the outdoor area of your property, not only looking chic, but also increasing safety. If you like classic lighting compositions for your green areas, garden lanterns are just what you need. These aesthetic models have a timeless, classic look that also exudes a bit of elegance and can be placed outside without any problems. However, if you are interested in other models, it is worth taking a look at our large assortment. This includes, for example, outdoor floor lamps, wall lamps for outside, candelabra or lanterns, as well as matching accessories, so that there is something suitable for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about delivery time, shipping, shipping costs or the price of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information upon request.

What are garden lanterns?

These light compositions belong to the so-called plug-in lamps, which are always installed on green areas. In terms of their appearance, all lamps have a rod, as well as a lantern-shaped light body, which is made of sturdy materials such as plastic or metal such as stainless steel. This comes in rather plain colors such as black and white. So that the light compositions can be installed safely in the ground, there is an earth spike at the bottom of the rod, which can be pushed into the soft lawn and thus be fixed stably. Coarse pebbles are also suitable as a base for placement of the plug-in lantern.

Inside the lantern is an efficient and powerful LED installed, which in terms of optics is based on the burning wick of candles and shines in cozy light colors such as warm white. These also occur in this form as a lantern. Some models also have a solar function, thanks to which sunlight is converted into light and placement near a power outlet is therefore not necessary. By means of a twilight sensor, which is built into a few lamps, the copies activate themselves with the onset of darkness.

Where is a garden lantern suitable?

With such a lamp, you can beautify and illuminate many different places. In principle, it is only important here that there is a suitably suitable substrate, in which you can securely and stably fasten the model. After all, the models should withstand any weather conditions even in unprotected areas and have a good grip in the ground. Lanterns for the garden area are designed mainly for aesthetic purposes, impressing in particular with their pleasant warm light. Therefore, the following places are ideal for positioning a garden lantern:

  • In the garden as a beautiful accentuation of the green area.
  • In a flower bed to highlight and set the scene for certain plants or garden decorations such as sculptures.
  • Near the patio or an outdoor lounge, so the garden lantern will pleasantly accompany you through balmy summer nights.
  • At the driveway to make it highly visible to visitors.
  • At a gravel or sand path, to illuminate it appropriately.

Which protection classes are suitable?

Due to the outdoor installation of garden lighting, you should in any case pay attention to an appropriate protection class. This is indicated by the abbreviation IP and two subsequent numbers. The first number stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit indicates immunity to water. Depending on the exact location of the lights are suitable several classes of protection, which depend on the exact location of the lamp.

With IP44 you choose the standard protection class for outdoor lights. This means that they are protected against small foreign bodies as well as splashing water from all sides. In the event that jet water from the hose hits the outdoor lamp, the IP45 rating is suitable. In dusty areas, you should choose IP65 or IP66 protection, which additionally protect the lighting compositions from dust.