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Here are some helpful tips for the features of our store.
Log in or register
To buy something in our shop you have to register as a customer. You can find the possibility to register either by ordering an article, by clicking the link "New registration" or here . Clicking on this link will take you to the entry mask for
the new registration. Just fill out the fields below and click on the "Save" button.

If you are already a customer, you can login via the "Login" link above our logo on the left side , Clicking on the link displays a small window where you can enter your e-mail address and password. If you forgot your password, or if your e-mail address has changed, please use the links provided in the login window.
If you have entered your access data correctly, you can use a Click on the "Log in" button.
Article view
When you call up an article, you will get an overview of the desired article. This overview consists of pictures, price and shipping information and, of course, the article description. To add an item to the shopping basket, please enter the desired quantity to the right of the picture and click " Shopping cart". The item view is then reloaded and the mini-shopping cart is briefly displayed.
For more information about the desired item, you can view the manual, open a 360 ° view, or < To watch a product video. The corresponding buttons can be found under the article picture. Unfortunately, there are not always documents for all articles. Therefore,
it may happen that not all buttons are active.
My account
The "My account" section is an overview of all your activities with us. At this point, you have the option to view all previous orders or to see vouchers.
You can also change your e-mail address and password, and log out.
Shopping Cart
In the article view and also in articellists you find the button "Add to cart". By clicking on this button the respective article is put into the shopping cart. The page is reloaded and a box with a small overview of all articles, which are in the shopping cart, appears in the upper right corner. You can also view this shopping basket by clicking on the small box with the inscription "shopping cart" in the upper right corner of the cart.

This function allows you to look briefly in your shopping cart without ever having to Just left.

By clicking on "Go to shopping cart" you will be taken to the actual shopping cart.

The shopping cart consists mainly of several components: article overview, delivery country, payment methods , Shipping method and price information.

At the top you will find a graphical overview of the ordering process.

In the article overview you will find all articles that you have placed in the shopping basket. There you have the possibility to remove items again or change the quantity for the order. After changing the quantity, please click on the button "Update Cart".

After the following selection of the delivery country, please select the desired payment method by clicking on the button before the respective payment type. For more information on our methods of payment, please visit the Overview of payment methods .

Now select the desired shipping method by clicking on the respective button. For more information on shipping, please visit the shipping information .

In order to see the upcoming costs before the purchase, you will find all costs for the purchase at the bottom of the basket. Value of goods, shipping and VAT are listed here. You will receive the total amount.

If you have received a voucher from us, you can redeem it before initiating the purchase process. Simply enter your voucher code in the field provided and click on "Redeem voucher". The amount of the voucher will then be deducted from the total amount of your basket.

Once you have made all the desired settings, click on "Checkout".
About our return portal you can easily and comfortably register a return. This is necessary if you have received a wrong item or the wrong quantity, want to register a cancellation of your order or a ordered item is defective. All you need is the order ID of your order Order and your postal code. The order ID can be found on your invoice, in our first e-mail sent to you or on the package label.
After entering the data, you will receive an overview of your order with order ID, delivery address and all items assigned to the order .

In this overview, please select the articles to be returned by clicking on the selection box to the left of the respective article. Then specify the quantity of items that are affected.
Now the reason for the return can be selected. This is done via the corresponding selection in the selection box provided for this purpose. In order to give our support directly the possibility to analyze the reason for the return, please enter an error description in the field "Additional details". Repeat this for each item to be returned.

If the respective article is a set, a reason and an error description need not be given for each component of the set. Only the article marked with "[Bundle]" has to be provided with the corresponding data.

Finally, only a valid e-mail address has to be entered, via which the return is handled can. Afterwards, the return request can be sent by clicking on the button "Start processing".

Then you will be taken to a page where you have all the articles marked by you in an overview. For the respective articles you will find information about the next steps. As a rule, the case is checked by us and we inform you by e-mail of the current status.
However, for some articles, the manufacturer offers its own processing. In these cases, you will find a link to the processing of the manufacturer in the respective articles.

In addition to the information on this page, you will receive a confirmation mail with your details. By receiving this e-mail your inquiry has been received and will be processed immediately. Please note that an examination of the return claim may take up to 24 hours.

We will contact you by e-mail for further details on how to return your order.

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