High-quality lamps and lights that perfectly stage your home

Coming into a home where you can feel comfortable and relax - this creates the right interior design with stylish lamps and lights that perfectly highlight your rooms. Because not only furniture such as beds, tables or cupboards and decorative textiles such as carpets, pillows and blankets, but also optimal lighting creates an ideal backdrop for wellbeing. Both the Interior lights and the Outdoor lights play a major role. There are lamps in different styles and therefore the ideal lighting for every taste.

In our well-stocked online shop, you will not only find great ceiling lights, but also floor lights, table lights, pendant lights , exterior lights with and without motion detectors and much more. In addition, we offer you for every lamp - whether pendant lights or wall lights - the optimal light source that Let your room and your outdoor area shine in a warm, cozy light. We do not only offer lights and lamps , but also the matching accessories for your stylish lamps. We offer furniture , decoration like mirroe and clocks , household and Office utensils and other items for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and children's room.

Different lighting concepts for different rooms

In the numerous rooms of a house or apartment, there are a wide variety of lights that serve a wide variety of needs. In the bathroom, for example, bright spotlights are desirable that provide sufficient light for the morning styling routine. The bedroom, on the other hand, should be dimmed and thus create an oasis of calm where it is easy to fall asleep. The choice of lamp always depends on the type of living space and the style of the existing furniture.

Which factors play a role in the choice of interior lighting?

The range of diverse lamps and luminaires is immense, especially for indoor use. Whether floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps or table lamps - there are no limits to your individual wishes. These can be easily adapted to the style of your existing furniture and style elements such as carpets and decorative elements. LED lamps, which not only create a modern ambience, but are also energy-saving, are particularly popular and efficient. The living room represents the place in the house where everyone gathers and where the homely atmosphere plays the most important role. It is therefore all the more important to create a tasteful backdrop there, which can be created using globe lights as well as various spotlights can be created with individual details.

Would you prefer a pendant lamp, a table lamp or a chandelier? The design is the main focus of the living room, while that of the office is based on the brightness of a ceiling lamp. A bathroom, on the other hand, needs a luminaire with splash protection, whereas in the children's room a variant with a playful character is in the foreground. For the parents' bedroom, a soft and cozy light is the right ceiling lighting. Spot lights and spotlights, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for living spaces that are subject to practicality and where style awareness does not play a major role. If you want to reduce your electricity bill as much as possible, you can use lamps with motion detectors for stairwells and corridors.

Various lights for your interior lighting at a glance:

What should be considered when choosing outdoor lighting?

Let your front yard shine in a new light and get lamps that illuminate your property perfectly. There are also various lamps in the outdoor lighting category that not only show you the way from the car to the front door in the form of path lights, but also offer protection against burglars. Especially outdoor spotlights with motion detectors skilfully drive unwanted guests away. Our outdoor lights with a high quality standard are weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoors all year round. Decorative spherical lights are also ideal for your terrace. Solar lights that work completely disconnected from the power grid are particularly energy-efficient.

The innovative lamps are charged by sunlight and shine in a wide variety of color nuances at night. When buying an outdoor light, be sure to pay attention to the IP protection class. The first digit provides information about the protection of solid objects such as wire or dust, the second about the insulation against moisture. A lamp with protection class IP X4, which protects against splash water and is suitable for both outdoor use and the bathroom, would be recommended. Always pay attention to the documented energy efficiency of a light source, which you can find on the energy label. Because buying the right product can save you a lot of money in the end.

Various luminaires for your outdoor lighting at a glance:

Find the right light source for your ceiling lights

Ideally, your ceiling light is adapted to the furnishing style of your four walls. Furniture, decorative items or carpets can be upgraded immensely with the right lamps. For rooms with modern elements, glossy surfaces and spotlights with LED are suitable. These are also available as strips in a curved or straight shape. For extravagant furnishings, you are welcome to use a decorative lamp with a shade. If you like it minimalist, you should stick with clear and simple lines without decorations.

Different light sources for different rooms

Choosing the right lamp is not enough. In order to put the finishing touches to the lighting concept in your room, the light plays a decisive role. The pears in the trade can be classified according to their color temperature. The value of this measurement is Kelvin. If you prefer a clear white, this should be correspondingly high. The rule of thumb is as follows: the higher the Kelvin value, the whiter the light. Pears between 2700 and 3000 Kelvin give your home a warm white to yellowish light and thus a cozy atmosphere. A neutral white can often be found in the kitchen or office, which corresponds to 3300-5300 Kelvin. A perfect illumination of warehouses or products succeeds with cold white light, which is more than 5300 Kelvin. We recommend this color temperature for the respective rooms:

  • Living room / dining room / bedroom: 2700-3000 Kelvin

  • Kitchen / office: 3300-5300 Kelvin

  • Garages / product presentations / warehouses: > 5300 Kelvin

Correctly determine the brightness of the luminaire

The brightness The value “ lumens ” provides information about the illumination of a room. Like the well-known wattsage in the past, this indicates the brightness of your LED light. Are you having problems switching from wattss to lumenss? No problem! We are happy to help you on the jumps. In the following list you can see the comparison between a modern LED (lumens) and an old light bulb (watts): determine the luminaire correctly

  • 15 watts ≙ approx 140 lumens

  • 25 watts ≙ approx 250 lumens

  • 40 watts ≙ approx 470 lumens

  • 60 watts ≙ approx 805 lumens

  • 75 watts ≙ approx 1050 lumens

  • 100 watts ≙ approx 1520 lumens

  • 125 watts ≙ approx 1725 lumens

Maintain an overview

We make it easy for you to find the ideal light and accessories for your living space among the variety of our products. The products in the ETC online shop are arranged according to categories, so that you can filter out in advance what is suitable for you. Choose between the following product categories:

You can sort the individual products according to the best-selling, newest or oldest items, as well as by price. The categories are each subdivided into sub-categories - for an even better overview. A banner showing the best-selling items and product categories also gives you a guide to making the right purchase decision. You can choose from these best ofs:

You can also use your member account to easily view your shopping cart and create a list of favorites using your favorites.

ETC will be happy to advise you

Are you still unsure which luminaires are suitable for which room? For example, do you fluctuate between a pendant lamp, a floor lamp and a chandelier for the living room? Or maybe you can't decide between the different wall lights and table lamps from our range? We will be happy to help you with the subject of lighting and create a suitable concept for living rooms, children's rooms and the like. For personal advice and further information on the products and brands, please contact our Customer service . Feel free to browse through our other categories and find great furniture and decorations that are sure to match your interior design style perfectly. For example, value your carpets, mirrors and beds with a great firewood shelf or a decorate wall clock

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