Interior lights

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For your home, we offer modern lighting concepts for effective work, relaxation and well-being. A warm light is much more than just a source of energy. Get also the suitable illuminants for your individual interior lights.

9178 Article

Enjoy your four walls with the right interior lighting.

What could be more beautiful than a home with warmth that makes you feel good? What could you look forward to more than your own home with an ambience that lets you switch off after work? You can also switch off with our interior lights for your dream house, bunkhouse or cute one-bedroom apartment. But we won't leave you sitting in the dark, we offer you various modern lighting concepts that not only illuminate your premises well, but also create a warm, secure backdrop to relax in. Various light sources provide exciting light zones, while modern designs make these stylish spotlights extremely interesting as decorations as well.

This interior lighting provides more light in your life

What outdoor lights are for your garden, indoor lighting is for your home. To make your home cozy you need more than cozy furniture and a decorative lamp, because the right illuminants are just as important. You've probably heard the terms "warm" and "cold" light before. Light is not just bright and illuminates a room, but creates a certain atmosphere. To help you find the right light source, let's first enlighten you about the different types of interior lights.

Interior lights for a respectable lighting concept

There is far more than merely a central ceiling light that illuminates your room from above. Take advantage of the variability of different light sources and fully exploit the lighting potential of your premises. You can choose from the following luminaires:

  • Suspended lamps: Their positioning makes the lamps an ideal eye-catcher at eye level. Certain areas are illuminated and thus structured.
  • Floor lamps: These are suitable for all sorts of activities such as sewing, reading or relaxing on the sofa. Floor lamps always improve the brightness through different designs.
  • Ceiling lights: The entire room is illuminated, for example, by a stylish pendant lamp.
  • Table lamps: The additional light sources also serve as great design elements. A table lamp looks good on chests of drawers and side tables and is thus an optimal room highlight.
  • Recessed luminaires: As space-saving light sources, these provide ideal brightness when distributed throughout the room.
  • Chandeliers: Similar to pendant lights, they design the room in a striking way and are suitable not only for villas, but equally for smaller apartments.
  • Wall sconces: They are not only a pure source of light, but they really contribute to the staging.
  • Track systems: Probably no form of lighting is as flexible and effective as a sophisticated and well-designed system.  
  • Spotlights/spots: Certain areas of the room are well staged and can also completely illuminate the interior in the form of multi-arm ceiling spotlights.

Targeted luminosity

Just as there is not only the typical ceiling light, there is also a distinction between different light sources that illuminate your premises in the most diverse ways:

  • Decorative room design: with the help of LED strips, illuminated figures or fairy lights, you create an accent lighting, in which the decorative purpose is in the foreground. 
  • Creation of room brightness: This is done by general lighting of the entire room.
  • Targeted lighting: With the so-called zone lighting, only certain areas, for example the desk, are illuminated.

The goal is to design an effective lighting plan that provides you with the optimal illumination in any space and supports your vision. A good light source is equally important for protecting your eyes. With our illuminants, you can not only orient yourself spatially, but also read the fine print.

Where are certain types of lamps suitable?

Light is not just light, because with the right light sources you can create a feel-good atmosphere in any room according to your wishes. When installing lights, be sure to comply with the regulations regarding moisture and foreign object protection of a room.

For expert advice, of course, we are always available through customer service.

For the living room and children's room

In the children's room and living room, the room is best illuminated by general lighting. You create this with several wall lights or ceiling lights that shine all around, such as pendant lights. If you prefer zone lighting, you can use ceiling floodlights to illuminate your reading chair or play corner, or use floor lights to create a bright atmosphere around your couch. Perfectly suited are also light accents by a night light or LED strips, which can be wonderfully controlled with your smartphone.

In the dining room

Through a wall lamp you create a targeted general lighting. For the dining table, a centrally placed pendant lamp is wonderfully suitable, which optimally stages the zone around the dining area. For some decorative light provide LED elements in the crockery showcase or picture lights.

In the kitchen

For the kitchen area, ceiling spotlights or even recessed spots are particularly suitable. Especially above the work surfaces and under the kitchen cabinets must be provided in the form of a good zone lighting, usually by under-cabinet lights or furniture recessed lights for sufficient light. In kitchens, accent lighting tends to be dispensed with.

For the bedroom

Most often, ceiling lights with a textile shade are used for the sleeping area to create a cozy lighting atmosphere. By using a bedside lamp, you will provide excellent area lighting, which will make evening reading immensely easier. Decorative light beams such as luminous lettering are also popular style accent lighting.

In the bathroom

For the bathroom, the simple rule is that plain ceiling lighting or subtle recessed spotlights provide the light needed for makeup, shaving, and morning styling routines. Mirror luminaires make the perfect light source, which can be complemented by accent lighting in the form of decorative fixtures. 

Hallway lighting

It is best to equip your hallway with plain ceiling lights. These do not take up much space. In narrow staircases, they are often equipped with a motion detector. This is not only quite practical, but also extremely economical. Mirror lights are at best suitable for the last check before going out. 

What lighting technology is best for the interior?

LEDs are the optimal lighting technology for your living space because not only are they extremely versatile, but they are also the most economical light source available. Different designs make it possible to ensure the best possible illumination at all times.

Notes on interior lighting.

These include breeze lamps, filament lamps or even smart-home variants. Thanks to retrofits, even older sockets are compatible. With energy efficiency many times higher than ordinary incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are also much more durable. When choosing your indoor LED bulb, pay particular attention to the following tips:


  • Look for a color rendering of at least Ra 80, otherwise colors won't show up well. This is most noticeable in the bedroom or at the dining table, where items of clothing or food are cast in an unpleasant light.
  • A universal white color temperature, which can strengthen the ability to concentrate, is ideal for the desk. In the bathroom, the same light sources can be used just as well.
  • They succeed in creating a pleasantly cozy lighting atmosphere with LEDs in warm white. Warm white should be used in living rooms, bedrooms or other quiet areas. 

Dimmability as an additional advantage

Lighting that is dimmable creates a special ambience, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Not all LEDs are dimmable, but a dimmable wall switch can help. Thanks to built-in dimming technology, this does not require any additional dimmers and is activated by a double-click.

Take off with efficient smart home technology

Just switching on and off was yesterday: Today, you create networking through modern smart home lighting. For your security, for example, you can simulate your presence when you are on vacation and have effective protection against burglars. The best thing is, you control everything very easily via an app via smartphone. Get with the times and get the benefits of modern technology, which is also ideal for outdoor living areas.

Do you still have questions about our recessed lights or need information about outdoor lighting, other accessories and shipping? Simply contact our expert advice and we will be happy to inform you about our products.