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Outdoor floor lamps

On the way across the yard to the entrance area of your house lurk many trip hazards. If you have no lighting or insufficient lighting such as ceiling lights in front of your front door, you are certainly aware of this fact. To make your yard safer and also provide aesthetic lighting, an outdoor floor lamp is ideal. These lamps can be mounted not only on the driveway, but also in the garden. Thus, like recessed lights or spotlights, they not only eliminate dangerous tripping hazards, but also, like pendant lights, are a real eye-catcher thanks to their modern look. In our online store you will find a wide range of all lights and accessories. Do you have questions about shipping, delivery time, delivery or one of our articles? Our friendly service will gladly provide you with further information.

What are outdoor floor lamps?

Outdoor floor lamps combine both a practical and an aesthetic function. Not only do they make your yard and the entrance area of your house safer, at the same time they look appealing and welcome both you and your guests. The floor lamps are available in plain colors such as black, white, silver or anthracite. The illuminant is an energy-saving and at the same time bright LED.

In order to withstand any weather conditions, our outdoor floor lamps are made of robust materials such as stainless steel, which provide not only an aesthetic look, but also a long life of the lighting composition. Functional lamps in particular also benefit immensely from a motion detector, which detects you from afar and illuminates the path accordingly at an early stage.

Where are the lamps used?

With regard to the areas of application of a floor lamp for outdoor use, there are almost no limits. Due to the various purposes that the lamps can fulfill, you are free to use them either as a mere source of light or as a handsome eye-catcher. The following areas are ideally suited for these outdoor lights:

  • On the terrace, the lamps will accompany you through a balmy summer evening in the form of table lamps.
  • In the garden, outdoor floor lamps can optimally set the scene for flower beds and green areas.
  • At the fence or in the driveway, the lights mark your property similar to wall lights and provide greater security.
  • In the yard, path lights guide you safely to the front door thanks to a motion detector.

Which luminaires are suitable for what?

In as much as you are looking for a functional model that will illuminate your driveway with its bright light and therefore provide safety, plain pedestal lights are a good choice. Optional additional functions such as a motion detector make the use of such a lamp even more convenient and ensure that you and your guests always find the right way to your front door. Some of our outdoor floor lamps are also suitable for visual purposes. For example, if you want to decorate your garden with such a lamp, lamps in the classic lantern style are ideal. Their light is also partially dimmable and not aimed at maximum brightness, so that your garden can be pleasantly illuminated and appropriately staged.

Which protection class is the right one?

Your outdoor luminaire will find a place in the garden, the terrace or in the yard, for example. Therefore, the lamps are exposed to any weather conditions around the clock, which could potentially affect the life of the luminaire. For this reason, it is extremely important to pay attention to the appropriate protection class of your light composition. This is always represented by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") followed by two numbers. The first number represents the protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second number indicates immunity to water. For outdoor floor lamps, which can be mounted outside in different locations, the following are suitable


  • IP44: The standard protection class for outdoor luminaires is quite sufficient for protected places. With this protection, the lamp is safe not only from splashing water, but also from small foreign bodies. 
  • IP45: In the garden, your lamp may be exposed to harder jets of water from the garden hose. Thanks to the number "5", your lamp is immune to this as well.
  • IP65, IP66: Especially in the yard or on the driveway, dust, sand or dirt can be stirred up, which could penetrate the housing of the light composition and damage it. With these protection classes, the path light is additionally dust-protected or dust-tight.
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