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Practice lighting for doctors, dentists & Co.

Do you run a doctor's office, dentist's office or other medical facility and are looking for a suitable lighting solution? You can get the right practice lighting in the ETC shop. Our range includes various types of ceiling lights, wall lamps and recessed lights for reception and examination rooms, through to modern hanging lamps for the waiting room. All of our lights are equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which enable an even and pleasant distribution of light and are environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Doctor's office lighting: Professional lighting planning for special requirements

Lighting in a practice is subject to specific occupational safety guidelines and is set out in DIN EN 12464-1. The most important criteria defined there include:

  • Pleasant lighting
  • Good light distribution uniformity
  • Minimization of direct glare, reflected glare and veil reflections
  • Optimal alignment of the light with pleasant modeling
  • Appropriate color rendering and light color
  • Sufficient lighting intensity
  • Harmonious distribution of luminance
  • Use of natural light

Choosing the right lighting solution also plays a crucial role in the well-being of doctors, employees and patients. A professional and individual lighting concept is therefore of great importance.

The right lighting in the reception area

The first impression counts! When patients enter your practice, the reception area is their first stop. It should be inviting, bright and well lit to create a pleasant atmosphere. We recommend a combination of ceiling lights and wall lamps. Ceiling lights provide uniform, large-area illumination, while wall lights provide targeted accents. This creates a harmonious lighting atmosphere that is also sufficiently bright.

Small LED panels or LED strips are suitable for interesting accents at the reception desk. These can be placed specifically to emphasize certain areas or highlight individual objects.

Create pleasant lighting in the waiting room

In a waiting room it is particularly important that the lighting is not too bright or too dim. A mix of direct and indirect light is ideal here. Bright, yet warm light sources create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, which has a particularly positive effect on nervous patients. Dimmable ceiling lights are also a good choice as their brightness can be adjusted as needed.

Table or floor lamps placed next to the seating provide patients with direct light for reading magazines or books and can also serve as decorative elements . Make sure that the lights have enough brightness to make reading comfortable without causing glare.

Practice lighting in the treatment room

In order to create an optimal working environment, the correct lighting of treatment and examination rooms is crucial. Sufficient brightness is essential for a clear view of the treatment area and all necessary instruments. LED lamps with a brightness of 300 to 1000 lumens are an excellent choice. They offer high light intensity and are energy efficient at the same time.

Good color reproduction plays an important role when, for example, an accurate assessment of skin colors or tissue colors is required. LED lamps are also advantageous here as they offer a more natural color rendering than conventional light bulbs. Lights with adjustable arms or dimming function help you adjust the light angle and light intensity as needed and optimally adapt the lighting to your work area.

LED practice lighting online in the ETC shop

In our online shop you will find a variety of lighting options that have been specifically developed for use in practice rooms. Are you still missing suitable staircase lighting or office lighting for your practice? Here too you are sure to find the right solution in the ETC shop. Browse through our large range of different ceiling, wall and hanging lights with the latest LED technology! Our competent lighting experts will be happy to assist you and help you choose the right lighting. Create the perfect lighting conditions for you and your patients! We would be happy to advise you. Your ETC shop team!

Frequently asked Questions

What are the most important factors when choosing the right practice lighting?

When selecting lighting for medical practices, several factors are important. This includes the light intensity and distribution to ensure even illumination without the formation of shadows. Color temperature is also important because it can influence the mood of the room and improve the color rendering of skin and tissue during examinations. In addition, the lighting solutions should be energy efficient and meet hygiene requirements.

What types of lighting are best for treatment rooms?

Lighting systems that offer high color rendering and variable light intensity are particularly suitable for treatment rooms. Targeted examination lights make it possible to illuminate specific areas precisely, while basic lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. LED lights are recommended due to their longevity, energy efficiency and low heat generation.

How does the right practice lighting contribute to energy efficiency?

LED lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption in practice. Intelligent lighting systems that automatically adapt to daylight conditions or dim or switch off when you are away also help save energy. Not only do you reduce operating costs, but you also do something good for the environment.

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