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Design floor lamps

To add the finishing touches to your own four walls, it is recommended to include some decorative elements in the interior of the corresponding room. These include, for example, paintings, sculptures, vases or flowers. However, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can resort to an aesthetic secondary lighting. Such a lamp looks good even when switched off and fits perfectly into the appearance of the room. However, the look of the lamp is at its best when you turn on the model. Thus, the specimen as a source of light illuminates parts of a room and also enhances it in terms of aesthetic aspects. Design floor lamps are perfectly suitable for such a purpose of lighting compositions. Stylish lamps attract the attention of your guests both by their appearance and light and optimally set the scene for certain areas of a room. In as much as you are enthusiastic about other interior lamps such as pendant lamps, wall lamps, ceiling washers or table lamps as well as accessories, you have come to the right place. In our online store we have a wide variety of different lighting compositions, among which you will surely find the perfect model. Do you have questions about shipping, delivery, price or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with more information upon request.

What is a design floor lamp?

These lamps are among the comparatively large lighting designs and are classified as secondary lighting. They are designed for use inside the house. A design floor lamp usually consists of three parts: The base, a framework, as well as an optional lampshade, in which the light source is integrated. The latter represents a powerful and environmentally friendly LED. For example, the models are made of sturdy materials such as metal or wood and offer a wide range in terms of appearance. Thus, there are specimens that are flame-shaped and have several spots. Other floor lamps are unusually shaped, elegantly curved or puristic in black or white, so there is something to suit every taste and interior design.

Due to the special look of the models, they can undoubtedly be considered art and, accordingly, serve as eye-catchers and decorative objects. Some models also come with special additional functions. Thus, many copies turn out to be dimmable, while others can change the color of light, controlled by remote control or switched on and off by touch.

What does design mean?

Our online store leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the variety of design floor lamps. People who are interested in high-quality and unique lighting designs cannot make a mistake when choosing a design lamp. Such models, as well as design tables, shelves or chairs, belong to the upscale furnishings that perfectly express your sense of style and taste. Each design lamp represents a small work of art, which should be optimally staged.

Where are design floor lamps suitable?

Such a floor lamp can be mounted in many different places. However, the installation of the design lamp should always be done in combination with a primary light source, such as ceiling lights. In addition, you should make sure to use the floor lamp in rooms that are used for staying. Thus, the model is guaranteed to be noticed by your guests and fulfill its decorative purpose. Appropriate premises represent the living room, bedroom or dining room. Rooms where there is moisture, humidity or dust - for example, in the bathroom, workroom or kitchen - are less suitable for the use of such a type of lamp. However, here you can install your design floor lamp without hesitation.

  • In the living room, to attract all eyes as a highlight.
  • Next to a sofa or armchair, so that any spotlight can be used as a reading lamp.
  • In the bedroom, where the dimmable lighting of the LED helps to fall asleep.
  • In the dining room, to provide visual accents and a pleasant brightness here.
  • As a secondary light source at the desk, so that a beneficial contrast is created.

How to install the lights?

The installation of such a light composition can be done in no time and without any problems, even without experience. Each design lamp consists of a small number of individual parts, which can be connected in a few steps. A fixed installation on the floor or in the wall is not necessary, because the specimens stand freely in the room. Due to this, the design lamps are very flexible and can be moved at any time. The exact positioning of the model is only tied to a cable including plug, which must be connected to a socket.

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