Ceiling Floodlight

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Ceiling floodlight

Every room lives from appropriate lighting. It not only facilitates our everyday life, but also ensures that individual areas of a room are staged and safety is increased. Particularly eye-catching lighting compositions, on the other hand, enrich the room by their appearance alone, which is shown to its best advantage when switched on. However, many people find simple ceiling lamps too glaring, as their light illuminates the room in a direct manner and can thus detract from the cozy atmosphere in the living room. Ceiling washlights skillfully avoid this problem, because these lights are characterized by their indirect light output. Our online store has diverse offers of various items and accessories at a great price. Do you have questions regarding shipping costs, professional data such as lumens and watts or about one of our products? Our friendly service will gladly provide you with further information upon request.

What are ceiling washlights?

Ceiling washlights can be described as floor lamps that indirectly illuminate the corresponding room. This means that their illuminant in the form of an LED first emits the light into a lampshade, which projects it onto the ceiling thanks to integrated reflectors. Thus, a pleasant light color such as warm white is created and a much gentler illumination of the room, which has a positive effect on its atmosphere. Usually floodlights are higher than other floor lamps, so that the path of light to the ceiling is as short as possible and it can spread accordingly far.

Most models also have an additional reading arm made of metal, which is flexible and ideal as a reading lamp. Apart from this, these lamps can also be used as secondary light sources alongside ceiling lights or wall lights. Thus, an LED ceiling washer combines several purposes and can therefore be used universally. Due to their imposing and eye-catching size, floodlights are mostly offered in plain colors such as white, silver or black. Some specimens are also dimmable, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp according to your own preferences. 

What functions do ceiling washlights perform? 

Such a floor lamp can be used in various ways. At first glance, it stands out not only because of its considerable size, but also because of its unusual lighting technology. However, these lamps are much more than mere eye-catchers or decorative objects. The following functions can be performed by ceiling floodlights: 

  • As a functional illumination, placed, for example, next to the TV and gently illuminating the room during a movie night. 
  • Next to a special piece of furniture, such as an armchair, to accentuate it 
  • As a decorative element to fill and highlight empty spaces in a room 
  • For a pleasant lighting during work 
  • Thanks to the integrated light arm: as a reading lamp 

Where are ceiling washlights used? 

These light compositions can be used especially well in the study or living room. Thanks to the integrated reading lamp, the floor lamp illuminates not only the room itself, but also smaller areas such as a desk, replacing table lamps. Since LED ceiling washers are not exactly bulky in terms of width due to their slim design, they can also be installed in somewhat narrower areas of your rooms. Only the height of the light should be taken into consideration insofar as you are considering a purchase. Apart from rooms where there may be dust, moisture or humidity (for example, in the kitchen), the floodlights can be installed anywhere you want. 

In addition, in order for the floor lamp to fully develop its effect, you should take into account the exact position of the lamp. The indirectly emitted light should ideally be able to spread unhindered on the ceiling of the room and a nearby wall to pleasantly illuminate the corresponding room. Obstructive here are reflective decorative elements such as a mirror, which undercuts the actual function of the ceiling washer. In addition, you should check in advance the surrounding walls as well as the ceiling for any damage or stains, which could otherwise be unintentionally highlighted by the lighting composition. Installation in the corner of the room is also less suitable, because the reflected light can not be sufficiently distributed in the room. Positioning in the open space, on the other hand, allows the floodlight literally more space, which it truly knows how to use and emits its light both broadly and evenly.