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Everything around the house and the garden you will find here. From security technology to radiant heaters, everything is included.

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Once around the house
Everything about the house and the gardens can be found here. There is everything about safety technology and heaters. Whether it is tooling or looking for a reasonable barbecue for the next barbecue, does not matter. In this category you will find what you are looking for.

The handyman king
A real man needs his tool. And if he has no, he orders it in the ETC shop. But not just tool is here. You can also get working lights and cables with us. Cable winches for lifting heavy equipment to soldering stations complete the offer for the DIY enthusiast.

Beautiful things for your own house
It is summer and you have invited the neighborhood to a barbecue. All you need is here. Our grills for gas, for coal or even electric grills guarantee a barbecue fun of the extra class. Even the barbecue is available here. For those of you who prefer the smaller frame, we have a selection of table grills that fry each meat just as delicious as a large grill. The cleaning is even provided for. You can also find the appropriate detergents here. And if your guests should get cold outside during the barbecue, help with a terrace radiant heater from the ETC shop.  

Better safe than sorry
To keep all the beautiful things safe, you can buy here alarm systems and monitoring sets for your house. In order to safely store your cash and all your valuables, we even have safes and cash boxes in the program. But the concept of security is much more comprehensive. Smoke detectors ensure that you are notified of a fire as soon as possible. And your children should also be safe. You can find babyphones in our assortment. And for a stumbling walk through the courtyard, get a motion detector for your outdoor lamp.

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