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67 Article

Music Varieties from ETC-Shop, Audio, HIFI and more

Your old music system is broken and you need a new one? Then browse through our wide range of stereo equipment and surround systems. Whether radios, amplifiers or complete systems, here you will find everything the heart of a technology fan desires.

We bring the music into your living room

You want to impress at parties with your sound system or karaoke system? Then you are exactly right here. With the music systems from ETC Shop, you no longer have to get up to change the track, but can control this comfortably from the couch with the helpful Bluetooth function in the devices. So that you can still hear your antique records, we also market record players in various designs

Music systems for on the road

The ETC Shop offers an extensive selection of portable speakers, MP3 players and CD players. Whether you want to listen to music while jogging or during a cozy evening around the campfire. We offer speaker boxes for any environment, so you can always play the right song.

Your system is too quiet for the next big party?

Look in our store for a suitable amplifier.

Whether tube or high-performance amplifier for your stereo system. We have suitable devices with numerous connection options.

Accessories for our articles

You lost a connection cable of your sound system during the move and can't find it again?

We can help you. From a simple AUX connection to various adapters. For every problem we have the right solution, so you don't have to do without your music.

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