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Crystal ceiling lights

The most beautiful sofa and the most elegant dresser are worth little if they are not set off by appropriate lighting. Especially the living room lives on coordinated colors and tasteful furnishings, which is significantly influenced and completed by a lighting composition. In particular, glamorous ceiling lights attract all eyes and represent a visual highlight even when switched off. If you are interested in magnificent lighting compositions, a modern crystal ceiling lamp is just right for you! The processed glass elements not only provide a noble look, they also reflect the light and thus transport it in all directions of the room. In addition to these eye-catching lighting compositions, our online store also has wall lamps, outdoor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers and pendant lights, so that guaranteed no wishes remain unfulfilled. Our wide range has a suitable specimen and accessories for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about delivery, shipping or one of our articles? Our friendly service will be happy to help you and provide you with further information if necessary.

What are crystal ceiling lamps?

These lamps are usually in round or square shape. They are mostly made of nickel or chrome and the light source is always an efficient and durable LED. The models are all equipped with many crystals, which can vary in size and are the visual highlight of the lights. The exterior of the lamps can also vary. Some lighting compositions have an ornate lampshade, while others have a much flatter design. In addition, you can choose between pompous, golden models and somewhat more discreet specimens in silver or white - just according to your taste. Meanwhile, some lamps have special features. For example, they are dimmable, can be controlled with a remote control or change color to blue, red or green.

How long have crystal ceiling lights been around?

In its original version, people used a ceiling light as early as the fifth century BC through a chandelier. This pendant light was mostly made of metal instead of crystal glass and had a hoop or several arms, on each of which a candle was placed and lit. From the 18th century, new technical processes allowed glass production to be used in favor of making lamps, which greatly expanded the range of ceiling lamps. At that time, a crystal ceiling lamp, which was quite similar to today's models, was used primarily for ceremonial purposes. Churches or ballrooms were adorned with the pompous lighting structures, which transport light reflections in all directions thanks to the small crystals. Nowadays, however, the noble lamps with LED can also be found in private homes, underline the extravagant taste of their owner and visually enhance the furniture.

Where can a crystal lamp be installed?

Magnificent lighting compositions such as these require a place where they can be seen and placed next to other lamps such as Floor lamps can shine with their extensive illumination. Usually, for this reason, the lamps tend to be used in rooms that serve the purpose of staying. On the other hand, rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom, where there is moisture or even wetness, turn out to be rather unsuitable. If you want to fully exploit the visual potential of a crystal ceiling light, you should place it in the following places:

  • In the middle of the living room, to attract all eyes as a central decorative element and to illuminate the room comprehensively 
  • Above the dining table, to provide pleasant illumination during meals
  • In the entrance area of your home, to welcome guests appropriately
  • In the bedroom, where the light reflections will pleasantly accompany you to dreamland

How are the models installed?

Since the lights are installed on the ceiling, a few preparations are necessary before commissioning. The simple steps, such as certain drilling in or fixing the LED in the socket, you can do yourself. However, as soon as it comes to the electrical installation, you should have it done by a specialist. Thus, you reduce the risk of injury to yourself both during installation, as well as related to the use. In addition, it will ensure that your ceiling lamp was installed correctly and has a long service life.