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Design ceiling lighting

When it comes to decorating your new home, stylish furniture is not the only thing that plays a crucial role in creating a pleasant ambiance. The right lighting has a high impact on the mood within a room, especially when it comes to lounges. The top priority here is primary lighting, which should provide a wide-ranging and uniform illumination. Ceiling lights have always proven themselves for this purpose and have proved to be extremely reliable. In case you are interested in unusual models with a unique look and shape, design ceiling lamps are just right for you. Such a lamp proves taste and is an eye-catcher not only when switched on. In addition to these lamps, our online store has a variety of other models that leave nothing to be desired. For example, you can also choose outdoor lamps or indoor lamps such as wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or pendant lamps as well as accessories. Our wide range offers something suitable for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about one of our products, manufacturers or brands, the price, shipping as well as delivery? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information on request.

What is a design ceiling lamp?

Design ceiling lamps are larger lamps that are always mounted on the ceiling. Their light proves to be very wide to sufficiently illuminate the entire room up to each wall. Such a ceiling lamp is basically classified as primary lighting. The peculiarity of these design lights lies in their appearance. Accordingly, the focus of the lights is not only on their function as a source of light, but also on their extraordinary appearance. Thus, a design luminaire serves not only to illuminate, but also as a decoration and, at best, seamlessly blends into the style of the room.

The range of different models turns out to be almost limitless. Currently, you are fully on trend with several light elements joined together in a circular or rectangular shape. In general, you can not make a mistake with purist and discreet models in black or white. The high-quality processed lights are mostly made of metal and plastic, while as a light source an efficient and environmentally friendly LED is used. In some cases, the specimens prove to be dimmable and can be operated quite comfortably from the sofa by means of a remote control. If available, moving spots are also integrated and a colored LED transforms the living room or children's room into a party location in no time.

Where can design ceiling lamps be installed?

In principle, such a lighting design is suitable primarily for rooms that are intended for lingering. After all, the appearance of the specimens plays a major role, which is why they are designed rather not for functional purposes. Accordingly, in workrooms such as a workshop, design lamps are rather out of place - also due to the fact that the models here could be damaged unintentionally. Meanwhile, the following rooms are ideal for mounting a design ceiling lighting:

  • In the living room, to attract all eyes as the central element of your four walls.
  • Above the dining table, to create a moody atmosphere during meals, similar to a pendant light.
  • In the bedroom, to accompany you with a warm light color into the land of dreams.
  • In the bathroom, to set accents with sufficient brightness and puristic appearance (in this case, note the selection of a suitable protection class!).

How to install the models?

Most design ceiling lamps are quite flat in shape, so they are close to the ceiling. For this reason, complicated installations of cables, which hanging models often entail, are not necessary, similar to a wall lamp. Basic steps such as drilling holes in the ceiling or inserting the bulb, you can do yourself. However, as soon as it is the turn of the electrical installation, you should call in an expert who will do the installation for you. This will reduce the risk of injury to yourself, while also ensuring that your designer ceiling light has been fixed correctly and has an optimal lifespan.

How to clean such a lamp?

After a certain time, it is perfectly normal that dust and other impurities have accumulated on your spotlight. To remove them and protect the material of your model in the process, there are several ways to clean the ceiling lamp. Regular dry cleaning of the specimen with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner is recommended, just as with a chandelier, but will remove only superficial dirt. If necessary, you can also resort to a damp cloth or agents such as vinegar or dishwashing detergent. However, when doing such wet cleaning, be sure to turn off your design light fixture before cleaning to minimize the risk of injury.

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