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Fairy lights in the outdoor area: Shiny lights in the garden

Our outdoor fairy lights are the sparkling stars in your garden. With their weatherproof materials, these outdoor lights defy wind and weather and do not allow darkness. Thanks to their energy-efficient LED technology, they not only set atmospheric accents, but also save a lot of energy, while the lamps with their adaptable design transform any environment into a veritable sea of lights. Find a string of lights in our large selection that will always bring joy to your garden with its fantastic possibilities.

Features and properties: Bright details under the magnifying glass

Our fairy lights are specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions: from scorching sun to pouring rain - thanks to their high-quality, waterproof materials such as gallium arsenide and plastic. They also take the worry out of you at dusk by switching on automatically and switching off again at daybreak. This means you never have to feel in the dark and can save energy at the same time. Equipped with the latest technology, a clear string of lights with solar power in a wide range of colors efficiently converts sunlight into luminosity and efficiently sets glowing waypoints in the garden. This means that not only does it reduce your energy costs, but you also contribute to environmental protection.

From dusk to dawn: outdoor fairy lights for every occasion

Regardless of whether you want to have a cozy light in your garden, create a festive outdoor design for outdoor parties or simply want to beautify your terrace or balcony with festive outdoor lighting - an LED fairy light is suitable for outdoor use and with its warm white LEDs are the perfect solution for every situation.

  • Relaxation oases: Create a peaceful, illuminated area to rest and relax under the stars.
  • Celebratory occasions: Whether birthdays, weddings or holidays, with the different light sources you can set brilliant accents for a cozy atmosphere.
  • Garden parties: Create an inviting atmosphere with soft lighting that will delight your guests or use the lights as classic tree decorations for an ideal Christmas atmosphere.
  • Romantic evenings: Transform your garden or balcony into a magical retreat for unforgettable moments for two with an integrated color changer.
  • Safety lighting: Introduce path lighting and accent lighting for safe walking in the dark without sacrificing aesthetics. Unlike light bulbs, LEDs do not heat up, so no one has to burn their fingers.

In just a few steps you can easily install an outdoor fairy light

It's easy to string multiple lights around your garden. Simply unpack them and lay them out in the place you want to illuminate. Whether on a fence, above a balcony or along a garden path - thanks to the flexible cables, you can easily adjust the position and use the lamps as versatile lighting.

For models with a solar panel, you must align the panel so that it receives as much sunlight as possible: Most models are designed in such a way that they can be securely anchored in just a few steps. Once the chain is positioned and attached, all that remains is to turn it on. In solar-powered models, the twilight sensor switches the light on and off automatically. Now you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that your outdoor lights create.

Radiant safety, green future: outdoor fairy lights with sustainability

By integrating the latest solar technology and connectable lights, you get energy-efficient lighting that supplies itself with energy during the day and bathes your outdoor area in warm light in the evening - without any electricity costs or CO2 emissions. The long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lamps offer the possibility of a very long service life of up to 100,000 hours for environmentally friendly light. To ensure that our models deliver what they promise, they are equipped with the appropriate IP protection rating, so that, for example, with IP44, they are equipped to withstand everyday challenges when it comes to water and dust. The higher the protection class, the better the protection against rain or splashing water, for example at the pool in the garden.

Buy outdoor fairy lights in the ETC online shop

Do you want your facade, fence or garden to shine in a new light? Then you can rely on a wide variety of outdoor fairy lights, which provide hours of illumination in your garden with their long-lasting LEDs. Whether in different light colors or with a specific motif – we offer you a large selection in various designs to suit every taste.

Our selected models perfectly complement other LED lights such as special tree lighting , light balls for the garden, plant lighting, etc. Find the right model for your home with us. We not only deliver the desired version quickly, but also provide you with further information about your product. Your ETC shop team!

Frequently asked Questions

How safe are the fairy lights and are they also suitable for winter?

Our outdoor string lights are specifically designed for use in a variety of weather conditions including cold, snow and ice. Thanks to their high IP protection rating, they offer the necessary security against the ingress of water and solids, so that you can rely on their robust design with peace of mind - even at low temperatures. However, to ensure optimal luminosity, you should regularly remove snow from the solar panel.

How long do the fairy lights last and what happens if the LEDs fail?

Outdoor string lights are known for their longevity, with LEDs typically lasting up to 100,000 hours. Should the LEDs fail, depending on the model, they can either be replaced individually or the entire chain to ensure high efficiency and safety of the lighting.

Can the string lights be connected together to illuminate longer areas?

Many of our outdoor fairy lights are designed so that they can be perfectly connected together in different lengths to cover longer distances. This allows flexibility in the number of lights and greater illumination of outdoor areas without the need for multiple energy sources or complicated installations. When it comes to the individual lights, make sure to choose models that match each other in style as a great decoration in order to create a special joy in your surroundings with varied colors. Average: 32.8%

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