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Arc lamps and arc lights

At first glance, your living room has everything it needs to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. However, as soon as your gaze swings towards the couch, you may notice that something is still missing in this area. Not only is it still a bit dark in this corner of the room, but a real eye-catcher would also do this area good. If your choice here falls on an arc lamp, you are stylistically in any case on the right side. Our online store has a wide selection, which includes both outdoor lights and indoor lights for all conceivable purposes, as well as accessories at a reasonable price. Here is certainly a suitable spotlight for every taste and budget. Do you have any questions about shipping, delivery, shipping costs, the manufacturer or any of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to assist you with advice and provide you with further information on request.

What are arc lamps?

Arch lamps are minimalist, timeless yet modern floor lamps that are primarily used in living or dining rooms. The base as well as the long arc can be of different lengths and also height-adjustable, so you can customize the lighting composition to suit your living conditions. The illuminant is often an LED, which is also dimmable. The eye-catching shape of this homely light source alone represents a visual highlight, which is why the lampshade usually tends to be in plain colors such as silver, white or black. However, some specimens further enhance the eye-catching effect and appear in bright colors or unusual shapes.

Due to their timeless design, you have almost no limits in terms of combinations with different pieces of furniture. No matter what style you prefer and how you design your home: An arc lamp will find a place everywhere. It fills empty corners, sets visual accents and highlights certain areas with its pleasant warm light. Tall models with a height of up to two meters can even replace ceiling lights or wall sconces and adequately illuminate a room by itself.

For what purpose are arc lamps designed? 

Modern arc-shaped lighting compositions are suitable for a wide range of applications, and therefore can be used in a variety of ways. Their striking appearance at first suggests that an arc lamp can be considered merely a decorative object, but this is not so. There is much more to such a luminous composition than its appearance might suggest at first glance. The following functions are typically performed by an arc luminaire: 

  • Illuminating individual areas: To highlight different places within a room. 
  • Stylish decoration: arc lamps not only attract all eyes with their inviting light color, they also impress with their elegant appearance. 
  • As a functional light source: in order to work and read sensibly, our eyes need good lighting. This is granted to you by arc-shaped light compositions, which cut a good figure not only next to the couch, but also at the desk.

In what places are the light compositions suitable?

Typically, these floor lamps in the living room and dining room set the scene for certain areas. Especially popular is the installation next to the couch or armchair, in which case the lamps will serve not only as an eye-catcher, but also as a source of light for reading sessions. Large lamps, on the other hand, can even replace the pendant lights or table lamps in the dining room, to accompany the gathering and dining in this way. Basically, such a floor lamp is suitable wherever a pleasant, cozy lighting is desired and lacks a visual highlight. If such a lamp is used in this way, it will enrich any interior. 

How to install the arc lamps?

The installation of such a floor lamp is easy and mostly less complicated than the installation of a ceiling lamp. Of course, our models are accompanied by a comprehensive and understandable instructions, which explains step by step how to assemble your lamp. If you are interested in a high light composition, you should first measure the appropriate space to ensure that there will be no space problems.

The individual parts of the arch are usually put together and attached to the sturdy metal or marble base. After that, the shade as well as the enclosed LEDs can be attached by means of the suspension. After that, the lamp must be connected to the mains through the plug and it will bring light into the darkness even in your premises.

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