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Floor lamp tripod

In order to set the scene for your premises, as well as all pieces of furniture, appropriate lighting is indispensable. This can turn out in the most diverse forms. Ceiling lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps or even table lamps for dining tables provide extensive or punctual light - just as you need it. However, if you do not only attach importance to a functional illumination of the room, but also consider the appropriate appearance of the lamp important, you will be delighted with a tripod floor lamp. These modern lighting compositions impress with their diverse design, as well as the unusual standing device. In addition to design lamps like these, our online store has a wide range of products, which includes many more interior lights as well as accessories. Are you interested in minimalist lighting compositions with a functional character? Should it rather be a magnificent floor lamp which immediately attracts all eyes? We have a suitable model for every taste and budget. Do you have questions regarding shipping, shipping costs, delivery or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with more information if needed.

What is a tripod floor lamp?

Basically, a tripod floor lamp has the same features as a regular floor lamp. They are high lighting compositions, which are mostly placed in the corners of a room or near the wall to provide partial lighting of the room. In this case, the luminous objects usually consist of three components: The lampshade, the tripod and the light source. The latter is usually an LED, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also bright and durable. The shade of the lighting composition is made, among other things, of paper, textile or stainless steel and has the largest share in the style of such a floor lamp. It can be purist in black, white or beige, while some models rely on special patterns or bright colors

However, the main feature of tripod floor lamps, as they are also called, is their eponymous three-legged base. This can be made of wood or stainless steel, for example, and is composed of three components mounted at an angle to each other, which as a unit ensure a particularly secure stand of the lamp. In terms of appearance, a tripod is reminiscent of a camera tripod and represents an extremely modern and contemporary lamp. In addition, the lights are extremely flexible and often have an integrated height adjustability as well as swivel function, so that you can individually adapt the floor lamps to your living conditions.

Where are the tripod floor lamps suitable?

Tripod floor lamps are homely lighting objects that donate not only brightness, but also style to a room. Tripods are mainly used as a secondary source of light, which should separately highlight and accentuate parts of a room or special furniture. Due to the fact that these are homely and visually appealing lighting compositions, tripods tend to be used in rooms that serve the purpose of staying. Therefore, they are rarely found in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, the following places are particularly suitable for installing a tripod floor lamp: 

  • Near seating in the living room, to create a pleasant ambience there.
  • As a backlight next to the workplace and for tables, creating a contrast with the main lighting that is beneficial to the eye.
  • In the bedroom, where the dimmed and warm lighting of the LED can serve as a sleep aid.

Which material for which style?

The stylistic diversity of tripod lamps is almost unlimited. For every preference and interior, there are some models that can visually enhance the ambience of your four walls. Basically, we can distinguish between two different designs of tripods, each of which is divided into many other subgroups

A tripod floor lamp with a wooden frame and textile shade stands for a cozy and comfortable ambience. Although they have a modern and tasteful look, however, they do not disregard the homely character due to the certain feel of natural materials. With these lamps, you will get a perfect blend of Scandinavian interior style as well as country house look in your premises.

With a tripod made of metal, on the contrary, you acquire an urban lighting composition. Not only because of the material, but also because of their appearance, they turn out to be very smooth and not infrequently come with an unusual design. Vintage models of this category also enjoy increasing popularity and always cut a fine figure in a modernly furnished home.