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Christmas decoration

Christmas, the festival of love, contemplative holidays and get-togethers with loved ones. When 'O you happy' and 'Every single year' ring out, it warms our hearts - an atmospheric Christmas decoration and contemplative light round off the Christmas feeling: Fairy lights, Christmas tree baubles, Advent wreaths, stars, Christmas trees and much more decorate your furniture in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and co. alongside pillows and other decorations.

Create a stunning flair and set special accents in your home on the occasion of Christmas. Cute Christmas figures such as reindeer, angels or snowmen in combination with pillar candles, decorative vessels with potpourri or decorative LED light trees create a colorful Christmas world. On top, artificial snow transforms your furniture and decorations into a magical winter wonderland. Ensure a magnificent festive table and a lush Christmas tree with various motifs such as stars, for example, printed on napkins, Christmas tree ornaments or other Christmas decorations.

Classic accessories and modern decorations

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? Surely you think of an atmospheric Christmas decoration, for example, a large string of lights, as well as an Advent calendar with 24 great surprises. But certain shades of color also create an ideal Christmas feeling. The annual classics among the colors include red, silver and gold, which can be wonderfully combined with white or rich green. For example, red pillar candles, golden figures in combination with fir branches or an Advent wreath create a combination of classic and modern decorative elements. Also use the raw material wood, which can be used all year round and combined with all kinds of materials and color variations. Natural materials such as wood, you can easily leave even in the summer until the next winter and have less effort in decorating.

Decor lovers of simple style are best to create gray with muted white and shiny materials like stainless steel or glass. That way, you'll enjoy your Christmas creation throughout the holiday season. Christmas decorations also split into traditional and modern: There are an incredible number of variations on how you can decorate your Christmas tree. As every year, there are classic large Christmas tree baubles. Timeless and at the same time modern accessories, on the other hand, are champagne-colored or silver drops and cones made of distinguished glass or in elegant vintage style. In combination with fine ornaments made of rhinestones, iron and pearls, you create a stunning Christmas tree with a huge dose of glamour.

Suitable Christmas decorations for indoors and outdoors

Indoors is where the Advent and Christmas celebrations take place, so you can really show off your decorations in the living room. You can do this with festive Christmas lights, candles, Christmas baubles and various ornaments. But you can also step on the gas in front of the front door: Your neighbors will be amazed when a large Santa Claus, festive ornaments, decorative tea light holders and the ultimate Christmas lights transform your garden into a Christmas oasis. And remember: a string of lights always goes at any time of year and is not just Christmas decorations.

Suitable Christmas decoration for your four walls

At the front door, your guests are already welcomed by an Advent wreath, decorated with stars and baubles or else provided with branches, glittering snow or berries. From a woven wreath made of wood, pine cones, decorative pendants and candles, you can also make your own individual Christmas wreath. The decoration element par excellence is quite classically the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, which can be decorated discreetly or pompously, depending on your taste. Articles such as fairy lights, Christmas baubles, candle holders with bright candles and Christmas tree decorations in the most diverse variations may not be missing. They are made of wood, metal or glass, decorated with beads and glitter. Garlands and artificial snow must not be missing as the ultimate decoration.

The table is abundantly filled with food and invites with festive napkins, luminous decorations as well as atmospheric lanterns to the Christmas feast. Homey accessories for your furniture such as cushions, chair pads and cuddly lambskins also create an additional feel-good ambience when chatting with the family over punch and cookies. In addition to the Advent calendar, there is probably nothing nicer for the little ones than to bake cookies during the Christmas season in the midst of friendly Christmas decorations. The treats can be stored in metal or ceramic cookie tins lined with napkins and decorated with snowflakes, stars or other Christmas motifs.

Christmas decorations for the garden

When it comes to Christmas decorations, the Americans outdo us at Christmas by a mile: one front yard outshines the other with colorful Christmas decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, fir trees, masses of lights and inflatable reindeer with sleighs on the roof. It doesn't look quite so fancy and splendid in terms of our decorations, but even in this country, many a garden invites blissful languishing over the Christmas season thanks to its decorations and various Christmas items.

Wondering how to arrange an atmospheric Christmas decoration outside? In keeping with the popular Christmas song 'Tomorrow Santa Claus comes', various decorative figures such as Santa Clauses, reindeer or snowmen are available to create a Christmas atmosphere in your front yard. Warm light will create a special mood and cozy atmosphere. In addition, a magnificent fir tree offers itself, with pompous Christmas tree decorations in the most diverse variations and hung with a chain of lights not only children's eyes shine.

Find Christmas decorations and accessories at a low price

In the ETC online store you will find various articles and accessories for Christmas and the rest of the year at an unbeatable price. Among them are decorative figurines, fairy lights, tea light holders, candle holders and other decorations in white, red, gold and other colors. In addition to great decoration at a low price, we also have useful things for your household, great furniture for the kitchen and living room, the right interior lighting for your four walls and outdoor lights for your garden. Do you have questions about our decoration or need information about your order? Contact our professional customer service, which will advise you individually and will be happy to provide you with the missing information.

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