Decorative lights

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Here, it's not just lighting... Here we decorate. Find your personal style in the exquisite selection of decorative lamps.

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Decorative lamps

Furnishing your four walls is far from complete with the acquisition of beautiful furniture, carpets and curtains. After all, the most elegant furniture will not be appropriately accentuated if adequate lighting has not been provided beforehand. After all, every room should be staged even in the dark and achieve exactly the effect that you have intended. With a so-called primary lighting, which illuminates a room broadly, a basic light source is already present. However, insofar as you want to set further accents and provide a room with a highlight, decorative lamps are just the thing for you. These lamps are not intended to create large-scale illumination, but to provide a room with small light elements. If you are enthusiastic about more lamps of high quality at an affordable price, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our online store. Here you can browse for more interior lamps such as table lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps. Due to our wide range, there is something here for every taste and budget, and you are sure to find a lighting design that perfectly suits you, as well as accessories. Do you have questions about shipping, delivery, shipping costs or one of our articles? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information upon request.

What are deco lights?

As the name suggests, decorative luminaires serve decorative and not functional purposes. Therefore, these light compositions are not suitable as the only source of light within a room. Decorative lamps are generally rather small and usually come with a base, so that the lamp can be placed flexibly in a place of your choice. The variety of different models proves to be almost limitless in terms of decorative lighting. Whether elegant, colorful, playful or puristic - here really everyone gets his money's worth. The various categories and shapes of decorative lamps also offer a wide selection that leave nothing to be desired and range from fairy lights to LED candles.

Most models are made of materials such as glass or plastic, while the illuminant used is an environmentally friendly and powerful LED, which shine in light colors such as white or warm white. Some lights also have special additional functions. These include a motion sensor, remote control, integrated speakers or a colored LED. Furthermore, many examples are dimmable and can be switched on or off by touch.

Where are deco lights used?

Basically, a decorative lamp can be used in almost any room of your four walls. However, the most suitable for placement are rooms that serve the stay, so that the lamp can attract attention and be a real highlight. Due to the low degree of protection of decorative lamps, workrooms such as the kitchen or rooms where humidity and moisture prevail, prove to be rather unsuitable and can not be installed outside. However, in the following rooms you can install your decorative lamp without hesitation:

  • In the living room, to set small accents and act as a highlight
  • In the bedroom, to have a small source of light at night
  • On a sideboard or dresser, so you can quickly find your keys even in the dark
  • In the children's room, to accompany the offspring with soft and possibly colorful light to sleep
  • As a table lamp, so that its surface is slightly illuminated by a small light source

How to install the decorative lamps?

Installation of a decorative lamp is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Since such a light construction is mostly not mounted on the ceiling or wall of the room, you just need to screw or plug together the individual components of the lamp. In addition, unlike many outdoor garden lights, the lamps are powered either by batteries or by a power cable. Therefore, the models can be placed flexibly, while in some cases you only need to make sure that you use your copy near a power outlet.