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38 Article

Professional tools for the handyman
Here you will find everything you need as a hobby handyman. From carpet knives to clamping pliers to various extension cables. In our assortment you will find a wide range of high quality products.
Everything for the hobby handyman
If you like to tinker in your garage, a high-quality magnifying lamp should not be missing. With us you will find not only these, but also the appropriate tools, such as a grinding and engraving set. Of course, our assortment also includes tool boxes with, for example, open-end wrenches or drill bits.
Put an end to the annoying weed plucking
Every good hobby gardener should have a professional weeder in his shed. With this device, even removing weeds is fun. It is child's play to use and reduces the amount of work by a lot.
Outdoor sockets for general use
To make your gardening tasks easier, we offer outdoor sockets. Here you will find a wide range of sockets with different number of connections. Thanks to IP44, they are protected from foreign bodies and splashing water, making them ideally suited for use in the garden. Decide in advance whether you put the distributors into the ground by ground spike or fix them on the ground with screws. For the very industrious who work into the night, we offer outdoor sockets with lighting. A visual eye-catcher for your garden.
In addition to greenhouses, garden houses and outdoor sockets, you will also find garden furniture, radiant heaters and decorative items such as flower pots and decorative flowers with LED lighting.

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