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Large rooms require a lot of light. The main thing here is a wide-ranging lighting, which does not focus on a specific area, but illuminates the room as a whole. Moreover, to put other pieces of furniture in good light is not a necessity, because the corresponding lighting compositions are often eye-catchers themselves. In contrast, however, there are also simple models that fully focus on their actual purpose: They provide brightness in a room. If you are looking for such a lamp, you will be delighted with ceiling lights in spherical optics. In our online store, we have a wide range of products, which includes a variety of lighting compositions, such as modern indoor or outdoor lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps, as well as wall lamps, including accessories. Do you have any questions regarding delivery, shipping, shipping costs, one of our manufacturers or products? Our friendly service team will be happy to help you and provide you with further information if needed.

What are ball look ceiling lights?

This category includes many lamps, all of which differ significantly from each other in terms of their appearance. However, apart from their spherical appearance, these two variants share another common feature. The luminous objects are attached to the ceiling by means of a base and subsequently illuminate the entire room. While many lamps are flat and installed close to the ceiling, some spotlights are designed to be mounted on a cable as well as its base. If this is the case, we can also speak of a pendant lamp. The illuminant used in each case is an energy-saving and powerful LED, which is dimmable and protected by a lampshade made of metal or glass.

Some lights appear in a flamboyant look. This means that they connect several light arms, each with a glass sphere at its end. Usually, such a lamp has between two and six such individual light elements, occasionally larger lights are produced. Since this type of lamp can be described as rather purpose-oriented, the various models are mostly available in plain colors and designs. Silver, anthracite or white represent the classics here, while a ceiling lamp is often made of brass, nickel, chrome or steel. Isolated ball lamps for the ceiling, on the other hand, stand out for their extravagant colors and shapes.

Multi-flame or hanging - what is the difference?

With these two variants are covered pretty much all the models that can be found in the category of "ceiling lamp ball". The purpose unites the two types, but in appearance they differ significantly. Flame, flat ceiling lamps with a spherical appearance cut a particularly good figure when installed in places that require a generous and far-reaching illumination. In addition, they are extremely practical on low ceilings, as here there is no risk of bumping into them. However, this would be the case with a hanging glass globe, which is why they are more suitable in high rooms. Since these models often have an eye-catching appearance, and therefore also serve as a decorative element, such a lamp is suitable as a pleasant source of light, especially in the living room or kitchen.

Where are ball ceiling lamps suitable?

Basically, you can install your sphere lamp for the ceiling anywhere you want to illuminate a large space. These luminous objects serve their purpose best in places where targeted lighting is not required. For example, these can be the following places: 

  • In the hallway, to make every corner and possible trip hazards visible.
  • In the stairwell, to reduce the risk of accidents and thus increase safety.
  • In the living room, where the ceiling light provides a wide, yet pleasant light.
  • In the children's room and bedroom, to beautify the room with a functional and at the same time chic luminous object.

How to install the lights?

The way of installation depends largely on what model you have chosen in advance. Specimens with an integrated cable, which is the connecting piece between the light body and the socket, require a different installation than a flat ceiling lamp and resemble a pendant lamp or a chandelier. The simple operations, such as drilling certain holes in the ceiling or fixing the bulb in the socket, you can do yourself. However, as soon as it comes to the electrical installation, you should have it done by an expert. Thus, you reduce the risk of injury both during installation, and with regard to subsequent use. In addition, it will ensure that your ceiling lamp was fixed correctly and has an optimal service life.