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Starry sky lamps

There is something fascinating about looking up at the starry sky. Many people enjoy the countless shining points in the black sky, especially on clear summer nights. It is therefore all the more understandable that there is a great desire to enjoy our night sky within our own four walls as well. After all, a few clouds already prevent the spectacular spectacle of nature. However, with so-called starry sky lamps, this breathtaking scenery can be activated without a projector at the touch of a button via indoor lights, so you can enjoy twinkling stars at any time. In addition to these ceiling lights, our online store has a wide selection, which also includes table lamps, recessed spotlights or pendant lights and accessories at an affordable price. No matter which item you are interested in, we are sure to have the right model for your taste and budget. Do you have questions about delivery, shipping, shipping costs, one of our products or technical data such as lumens or watts? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information upon request.

What are starry sky lamps?

Ceiling lamps with a star effect are mostly rectangular or round panels that are mounted on the ceiling of the room. They do not provide holistic illumination of the room, but instead provide decorative lighting. Due to their special design, such a luminaire, similar to a projector, creates many small points of light, which reminds of the night sky. In this case, the beams of light fibers are arranged as randomly and irregularly as we are accustomed to the stars in the firmament, to provide the most realistic experience.

The light body is usually made of metal or fiberglass, while the panel is protected by a plastic screen. The illuminant is mostly an energy-saving and long-lasting LED, which in variety provide for an impressive experience. So that you can customize your own personal night sky according to your preferences, the starry sky panels are dimmable. In some cases, you can adjust the light color with an included remote control and switch between daylight white or neutral white, for example. In addition to these classic colors, we also have some models that can shine in red, green or blue.

What rooms can be beautified with this ceiling lamp?

Several rooms of your home are suitable for installing a light composition with a star effect. Basically, these special ceiling lamps help you relax and have a calming quality, which will certainly come in handy in various situations of everyday life. In the following rooms, the installation of such a panel is particularly suitable:

  • In the bedroom, the star lamp helps you fall asleep and suggests a cozy atmosphere.
  • For the bathroom, mounting the panel possibly above the bathtub is suitable to provide a cozy ambience during a bubble bath. However, in damp rooms such as the bathroom, it is necessary to find out about a suitable protection class.
  • Also in the children's room, the starry sky lamp accompanies the offspring on their journey to dreamland.

For what purposes can you use a starry sky ceiling lamp?

With regard to the possible applications of such a lamp, you have almost no limits. For example, you can preserve the specialness of the LED ceiling lamp with star decor by using it only in the evening as a night light or to calm down. On the contrary, you are also free to fully integrate the panel into your daily life and set it differently depending on the time of day. It is recommended to set a white as a light color with higher blue content (for example, daylight white) for the LED from morning to afternoon to work well. As soon as the evening comes, you can change the color temperature to a warmer light with lower blue content (for example, warm white). Such lighting is darker and ensures the release of the hormone melatonin, which has been shown to help you fall asleep while giving you a good start to the next day.

Children often struggle with the fear of darkness when falling asleep. Using a star lamp for the ceiling has a calming effect, provides a low level of brightness and suggests a cozy atmosphere. While such a panel serves as a sleep aid at night, it can also be used for birthdays or other celebrations by the offspring. Colorful star lights create no less spectacular effects and at the same time bring party atmosphere into your four walls due to the color change.

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