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Floor lamps with shade

In particular, your living room as the central residence of your home lives on the fact that it is equipped with appropriate lighting. Especially when you receive guests, your four walls should look particularly inviting. Primary lighting plays a major role here, but secondary light sources also make a crucial difference. It is not uncommon to have some pieces of furniture or decorative elements that want to be appropriately staged. This is particularly successful if you install floor lamps with umbrellas, which provide a warm, homely light and highlight individual areas of a room. Inasmuch as you are interested in other types of lamps besides umbrella lamps, our online store offers you a diverse range. Among other things, you can buy ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall lamps or pendant lamps as well as accessories at a reasonable price with the highest quality. There are almost no limits to the different styles of our lighting compositions, so there is the perfect lamp for every taste and budget. Do you have questions regarding delivery time, shipping, shipping costs or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information upon request.

What are shade lamps?

Floor lamps with shade are among the larger lighting compositions due to their height. They usually have a long frame, which is usually made of metal such as brass or wood. The striking distinguishing feature of these lamps is the lampshade, which can be very diverse in terms of style. Thus, it is optionally made of metal, fabric, paper, glass or plastic and can either be provided with a special pattern or simply designed in black or white. In addition, some lampshades are transparent and therefore translucent, which significantly affects the lighting. Other models emit the light rays to the side, upwards or downwards through several holes in the floor lamp shade. The light source of these lamps is an efficient, durable and therefore environmentally friendly LED, which in some cases is dimmable. Thus, you can individually adjust the color of light to your taste. Some specimens also have an integrated reading lamp, which is movable and is ideal as a companion for browsing on the sofa or in the armchair.

Where are the lamps suitable?

Similar to table lamps, a floor lamp is primarily used as a secondary light source that supports the main lighting and illuminates smaller sections of a room. Since a floor lamp shade is sometimes sensitive to water or dust, you should not place the lamp in the bathroom, kitchen or workroom to prolong its life. On the other hand, the following places are very suitable for placing a floor lamp with shade: 

  • Next to an armchair or the sofa in the living room to create a cozy atmosphere there.
  • As secondary lighting in the workplace, so that a contrast with the primary lighting is beneficial to the eye. 
  • In the bedroom, where the warm illumination of the LED serves as an aid to falling asleep.

How to install the lights?

The commissioning of such a lamp is very simple. Since floor lamps with shade consist of a few individual parts that can be quickly screwed or plugged together, the installation does not take much time. Mounting on the floor or wall is not necessary. Thus, the floor lamps are very flexible and can be placed at any time in a different location. Each model also has a switch, as well as a cable with a plug that fits into any socket and supplies power to their copy in no time.

How should the lampshades be cleaned?

Depending on the material of the shade, there are different ways to clean the floor lamp shade. For models with glass, plastic, metal or paper shade, it is already enough to remove dust regularly with a feather duster. If the impurities are more stubborn, it is recommended to detach the shade from the floor lamp and clean it in the bathtub with mild detergents. A fabric shade, on the other hand, should be treated with mild detergent and then dried In the case of a glass shade, commercial glass cleaner is excellent.

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