Car hifi

23 Article


23 Article

We enable you a new music experience in your car.
With our high quality and also very good looking car speakers you will impress everyone.
They fit perfectly in your car, but you don't have the right cables? We have what you need. From our selection of speaker cables you will find exactly the right cable. Whether 5 meters or up to 25 meters.
Now the only thing missing is an equally good radio. With high-quality LCD displays and many different setting options, you can not only visually upgrade your interior, but also on the technical side.
Now you have everything complete for your friend on four wheels.
You want to upgrade your car even more visually?
With our LED light bars your car shines in new splendor. Easy wiring and high quality lighting with our excellent LED technology.
The right entertainment for on the road
You don't want to offer your passengers a boring and long drive? Why not give them the opportunity to watch your favorite movie? With our efficient portable DVD players, the car ride becomes a cinema experience.

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