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For those who love to screw on your car, this category should leave nothing to be desired. With the main attention to the technology you will find all the components for the perfect sound in your car. If you would like to have more technical skills in the car besides the music, you can choose among Autoradios, which carry many functions with you. Of course, there is no shortage of entertainment. LCD Monitors and Moniceivers for the whole car. Now just a navigation system and the facility is complete.
Styling is another important issue. If the equipment in the vehicle is to be upgraded, you are right here. You can buy great lighting effects and other tuning parts here.
Car Hifi for a good sound while driving
You do not want to miss loud and rich sound while driving? Then look around here in this category.
A large basscage with neat pop, supported by at least 2 speakers … Connected to an output stage, which is installed in the luggage compartment. The Autoradio delivers the music and the system makes your car shake. So that their battery does not go limp, a capacitor is installed. This power cap balances all voltage peaks and relieves the battery.
Find the right way -
When you travel a lot and often travel in areas where you do not know, a navi is indispensable. This is not a problem. Navigation devices of well-known manufacturers are here in this category. And for the riders who are bored on the long ride, there is a good selection of DVD players and monitors that make the many hours in the car more tolerable.
Tuning fans watched - Car Styling from the ETC Shop
Often, you want the car to be a real eye-catcher. Therefor you can find beautiful car parts for your car. Whether it is the simple tint of the windows or the car in the footwell is blue. With the equipment from the ETC Shop, there is nothing more in the way. Seat covers, pedal rests and steering wheel covers are also available here.
Safety is also ensured. Charging batteries, headsets and reversing systems are the highlights of our safety equipment.

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