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Design table lamps

While decorating your four walls, you will probably first take care of the installation of primary lighting. After all, it is important that lounges like the living room invite you to linger. However, if it's about the subtle nuances and setting stylish accents, area lighting should not be missing at all. It can serve both decorative and functional purposes and enhances the ambience of a room both by its appearance and light. Design table lamps, which you can place and use almost anywhere within your home, prove to be particularly tasteful in this regard. The exterior of each lamp is unique and ranges from discreet to ostentatious - depending on which style you are enthusiastic about. In addition to such models, we have in our online store other high-quality products. For example, you can also choose ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps or pendant lamps, as well as corresponding accessories. Our wide assortment has a variety of different models, so you will find something for every taste and budget. Do you have questions regarding delivery, shipping or the price of our items? Our friendly service will be happy to help you and provide you with more information if needed.

What are design table lamps?

With such a table lamp, you choose a special lighting composition with an often unusual look. Not infrequently, their creators are well-known brands or designers who reinvent themselves with each lighting design and always go with the changing times. The exterior of the lights can be described as very variable and versatile. Thus, we offer models with a lampshade made of metal such as brass, as well as plastic, cork or wood, some of which have playful patterns or purist elements in black or white.

What all specimens have in common is the place of their installation, because for this purpose, for example, a table, which is considered an area and must be illuminated, is the most suitable. Whether you install the model in the living room, bedroom or children's room is entirely up to you. The illuminant is always a powerful and at the same time environmentally friendly LED, which illuminates the environment evenly and has a long service life. Most lamps are powered by a cable and can be operated either by a toggle or touch switch. Some models have additional features such as a moving spot, dimmer, a colored LED or an included remote control with which you can turn your copy on and off

Where is a design table lamp suitable?

As the name suggests, these lighting compositions are predestined for positioning on tables. However, they can also be placed on other fixtures that require secondary lighting and perform their task there just as well. The following furniture can be used for appropriate installation without hesitation:

  • On a chest of drawers to decorate it and create a visual accent. 
  • For side or coffee tables, for example, to facilitate reading.
  • For dining tables, to decorate it as a stylish element.
  • On the windowsill to brighten the room in addition to daylight.
  • On a bedside table, to always keep your bearings even in the dark.

Can a designer table lamp also be functional?

Basically, designer table lamps including shade should be a beautiful decoration and look chic in the first place. A special case is the placement of the model on a desk. Here, the focus is more on area lighting than on a visual purpose, because brightness at the workplace makes it much easier for our eyes to read and write. Primary lighting, as provided by ceiling lamps or floor lamps, is not enough, because the contrast between the bright desk and the slightly darker environment keeps our eyes fresh and alert. To ensure that the lighting composition does not get in your way during work, it is recommended to place the desk lamp on the upper left side of the table as a right-handed person. Conversely, if you are left-handed, you should place the model on the upper right side.

How bright should a design desk lamp be?

Since such a model is a secondary lighting intended to illuminate only parts of a room, the brightness of a corresponding table lamp does not need to be too high. The exact figure depends on your personal taste. However, in principle, a value between 300 and 400 lumens can be called suitable. Thus, the table lamp is neither too bright nor too dark, it optimally fulfills its purpose and ideally serves as a small light source for reading or writing.

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