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Banker lamp 

Home desk is a place where you should be able to work in peace and feel comfortable. The ambience indisputably contributes to a person's ability to perform and concentrate. In order to create good working conditions, sufficient lighting is also of high importance. For this reason, in addition to pens, paper and erasers, a desk lamp should not be missing, as these literally bring light into the darkness. If you are looking for a real design classic that will bring not only elegance but also class to your office, banker lamps are just what you need! In addition to these timeless lighting designs, our online store also has many other table lamps as well as outdoor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps or floor lamps, among which there is certainly a suitable specimen for every budget and taste. Do you have questions about shipping costs, delivery, shipping or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to help you and provide you with further information upon request.

What is a banker lamp?

A banker lamp, or banker lamp, is a table lamp used in the design that has remained consistent to this day, starting in the 1920s. At that time, these table lamps were interesting not only for bankers, but also for libraries, courts, as well as law offices, and thus could be found there. In such settings, the traditional lamp still makes many appearances in US movies. A banker's lamp represents the time when digital work was still unthinkable, but electricity was already a concept.

What are the characteristics of a banker's lamp? 

A typical banker's lamp consists of three parts: A glass lampshade, a bifurcated fixture, and a solid brass base. The former is traditionally green in color and consists of two layers. The inner glass is bright and reflects the light, while the outer, dark green layer somewhat dims the brightness, distributing it pleasantly in the room. On the shade of the lamp dangles near the socket typically a fine chain made of metal, with which the lights can be turned on and off by gently pulling. The bracket, in which the lampshade is clamped, allows it to be flexibly moved and adjusted in the way that is most comfortable for relaxed work. The heavy brass base provides a stable support, while the power cord is traditionally covered with a layer of fabric.

The history of the banker's lamp

At the beginning of the 20th century, the electrification of the world was already in full swing. The American Harrison McFaddin was inspired by these developments and in 1901 constructed the prototype of the banker lamp, which already featured the lampshade in green tone and the brass base. In addition to Art Nouveau, he also incorporated stylistic features of the Belle Époque as well as Art Deco into the design of the lamp and filed a patent for the lamp construction. McFaddin had to be patient for a long time. It was not until eight years later that his patent was granted and the luminous composition could be produced before it became established on the market as the "Banker's Lamp," as it was popularly known. Another, less known name for this luminous object is "Emeralite", which is a combination of the words "emerald" (due to the green color of the lampshade) and "lite" (meaning light).

Where are these lamps suitable?

Typically, a banker's lamp still functions as a desk lamp and accompanies its owner through the working day. However, such a light composition is also wonderfully suitable as a reading and table lamp, which can be positioned on a side table next to the armchair. Not only in private households banker lamps enjoy great popularity among nostalgics to this day, but also in public places banker lamps are still used in certain institutions. Especially in historical or representative institutions such as embassies, but also in conference rooms or hotels, the classic lighting designs are still switched on and off daily at the pull switch.

Modern interpretation of banker's lamps

To this day, the timeless desk lamps are available in their original design. In addition to the most authentic models made of brass, new interpretations of the banker's lamp are also enjoying increasing popularity. The frame including the base is often made of chrome or nickel and is kept much narrower, which significantly reduces the weight of the lamp. The light source is a powerful LED and the glass shade often deviates from its traditional green tone, so that it now also shines in white or gold.

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