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Patio lighting with style: magical nights

Elegantly lit, as if illuminated by heaven itself! With our patio lighting you can transform your outdoor oasis under the open sky into a true lighting magic. No more boring garden lighting - rely on high-quality and varied patio lighting so that your veranda shines with atmospheric light in the dark hours. With our large selection, you can quickly find the right lighting solution for your home.

Light displays on the terrace: various lighting in action

With our recessed ground spotlights for outdoor use, any modern patio lighting becomes a stage for magical nights! These lights are the space-saving solution you've always been looking for - unobtrusive, but still bright. But that's not all! With our pendant lights you can create an airy and warm atmosphere, as if the stars themselves were shining above you. And for ultimate outdoor comfort, our outdoor table lamps should not be missing, because as portable lighting magic and mobile lights you can take them anywhere.

Outdoor recessed floor spotlight

For discreet and aesthetic terrace lighting, recessed ground spotlights are the ideal choice for outdoor use, as they can be unobtrusively integrated into the ground to provide better orientation. Almost invisible, they take up hardly any space and put paths, stairs or special decorative highlights such as plants and sculptures in the right light. They are also constructed to be robust and weatherproof, meaning they can easily withstand external conditions. Depending on the design and positioning, different lighting effects can be created with recessed floor spotlights to create a cozy atmosphere. From soft lighting to dramatic shadows, your terrace is specifically highlighted.







Outdoor hanging light

Hanging lights for outdoor areas are an attractive way to illuminate your terrace or garden with indirect lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere. You can quickly immerse your veranda in atmospheric lighting effects that create a cozy and inviting outdoor atmosphere not only for you, but also for your guests. Its soft, diffuse light provides pleasant lighting and is ideal for sociable evenings in the garden. With our wide selection of different styles and materials, you have the freedom to find the right lighting solution for your outdoor area.

Even when things get rough, these lights are specially designed for outdoor use, where they can withstand weather influences such as rain, wind and UV radiation. Hanging lights for outdoor areas are also extremely flexible and variable because they can be installed in a wide variety of locations. From covered terraces to pergolas or trees, they give your garden an aesthetic touch for modern terrace design.



Outdoor table lamp

A practical and stylish way to illuminate your terrace or garden at night are outdoor table lamps. As a portable light, rechargeable batteries allow you to move it from one place to another without relying on an external cable. It's even easier with solar-powered models, which end the day with atmospheric light even in winter. The high-quality LED and solar lights are made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc., so that they shine optimally even on the coldest days.








Which IP protection class is the right one?

You should always keep an eye on the correct IP protection rating for your patio lighting, because different outdoor locations require different protective measures. For example, the location of the lights and the exposure to moisture and dust play an important role. IP44 lights are suitable for placement under a roof or canopy as they are protected against splash water from all directions and against solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 1 mm or more. IP44 lights are therefore suitable for ceiling or wall mounting in covered areas such as a pavilion.

An IP65 luminaire offers greater protection against water from all directions and dust. It is particularly suitable for patio areas that are more exposed to the weather, such as open areas without a roof. These primarily include recessed floor lights that are embedded directly into the ground, as well as wallwashers and spots that are exposed to moisture.

Buy patio lighting online in the ETC Shop

Whether from above or below – our LED lights can be easily and flexibly integrated into various places on your terrace. Both robust recessed floor spotlights and dynamic hanging lights create an atmospheric atmosphere on your terrace in no time. Don't forget our special outdoor table lamps, which can be used as mobile lighting wherever you like for a modern patio design. Take a look at our extensive range and let your terrace shine in the best light both in the dark season and on warm summer evenings - in the ETC shop, your partner for stylish terrace lighting!

Frequently asked Questions

How bright should patio lighting be?

The brightness of the patio lighting depends on your personal preference and the activities planned on the patio. In general, it's a good idea to use a mix of different lighting elements with different brightness levels. Main lighting should be bright enough to illuminate the entire patio, while accent and mood lighting can be more dim to create a warm glow. In most cases, up to 300 lumens are sufficient.

Which light color is best for patio lighting?

The best light color for patio lighting should be chosen depending on your mood. Warm white bright light (approx. 2700-3000 Kelvin) creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while neutral white light (approx. 3500-4000 Kelvin) provides clear lighting and is well suited for functional purposes. A color-changing model or dimmable light sources also quickly create beautiful light.

Where does the electricity for patio lighting come from?

For wired models, you can use conventional 230-volt lines that are powered from the home electrical network, provided your patio has such a power supply. An alternative are solar-powered lights, in which the sun's energy is stored during the day and is available around the clock. Battery-powered lighting options are also an elegant solution if you don't have a permanent power supply and want direct light.

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