Floor lamps

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Floor lamps and floor lamps 

A room usually consists of many individual components. Whether it's an armchair, a sofa, or a dining area - each zone should have adequate lighting, so that your view is not limited and you can make the most of the different areas. Not only do these lamps provide a pleasant light to the corresponding room, but they also represent an excellent decorative element and visually enhance your four walls. In addition to these lighting compositions, our online store has a diverse range of products, which also includes. ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps or pendant lamps as well as accessories. Our offer provides appropriate models for every budget and taste, so that there is certainly a suitable specimen for you. Do you have questions about delivery, shipping, price, one of our manufacturers and products and whether they are available? Our friendly service team will be happy to assist you and provide you with further information if needed.

What are floor lamps? 

A floor lamp is basically a high luminous composition with the help of which a small area of a room can be appropriately staged and illuminated. It is often used to improve visibility and illuminate zones where sufficient brightness is important. A typical floor lamp has three different components: The lampshade, a frame made of metal and the base. Depending on the purpose of use, the connecting element between the foot and the lampshade can be of different lengths. The latter can also vary in terms of size, shape and color. As a light source, a dimmable LED is usually used.

The term floor lamp is usually distinguished between three different categories: a classic floor lamp, a ceiling washer and an arc lamp. The latter enjoy increasing popularity, especially as a decorative element, and are in turn available in various colors and designs. A ceiling washer stands out for its indirect brightness emitted into the room, which gives the room a cozy ambience. Small reflectors are responsible for reflecting the brightness to the ceiling. Classic floor lamps are characterized by their straight metal frame as well as a fabric shade and can also be considered as traditional as well as timeless.

What styles are there?

Regardless of how you have decorated your home: Floor lamps cover every style imaginable. These include, for example, lamps in classic, country, wood or design styles. The various looks include straightforward, understated and discreet models in black or white, as well as pompous, timeless and rustic lamps. All styles are characterized in particular by the shape and color of the shade, while the metal frame as well as the lamp base emphasizes the look. In addition, tripod floor lamps, which are also called tripods and provide a little Scandinavian coziness, are currently particularly popular. Its appearance is reminiscent of a camera tripod and is enhanced by a modern shade. The base is replaced by the split metal frame, which allows the lighting composition to stand securely.

Where are floor lamps suitable?

Basically, floor lamps cut a good figure wherever partial lighting of a room is beneficial. In this regard, they are mainly found in the living room and less in the kitchen. At best, they facilitate the view or set individual pieces of furniture well in scene. Of course, the light compositions can also be used as a decorative element and serve as a visual highlight. Since the light compositions are dimmable, they can be used in a variety of ways and integrated into the interior design. The following places prove to be particularly convenient for installing such a lamp:

  • Near sofas, armchairs or beds, to facilitate browsing in the cozy evening hours, similar to table lamps and reading lamps. 
  • For desks or in the office, so that unrestricted work can be ensured.
  • In the children's room, to flawlessly manage visual tasks such as craft lessons or puzzles.
  • In previously barren places or empty walls, which are enhanced by the look of the lights.

How to install the lights?

Insofar as you have decided to buy a floor lamp, the installation of your lamp will not cause you any problems. The actual assembly of the lamp is already completed as soon as you connect the few components together. There is no need to lay various cables, as the included power cable can be connected directly to a power outlet. Therefore, a fixed mounting is also not necessary, so you can move and rearrange your lamp as you wish later on