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Chandeliers and chandeliers

A tasteful interior of the home should not lack stylish lighting. Lamps set the scene well in the room and in some cases are eye-catchers even when switched off. For a holistic illumination of the corresponding room, a ceiling lamp is particularly suitable, because due to its elevated position, it illuminates the room extensively. When it comes to style, there are almost no limits to your ideas. Whether simple, playful or ostentatious: the choice is yours. In case you prefer the latter look, chandeliers are just the thing for you. In our online store, in addition to this item, we carry other interior lights such as wall lights and outdoor lights, as well as all the accessories that will increase the comfort in your own home. Do you have any questions about delivery time, shipping, price or any of our products? Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information if needed.

What are chandeliers?

Chandeliers or chandeliers, as they are also called, are magnificent pendant lights, which can be attached to the ceiling of a room. They are often made of crystal, brass, porcelain or glass and captivate mainly by their striking appearance. The illuminant, which often consists of energy-saving LEDs, is usually attached to the chandelier in the form of a candle-shaped fixture. Typically, a classic chandelier has between three and six individual light sources and is therefore also called "flame" or "arm". Since these lights are eye-catching by their appearance alone, they are mainly offered in plain colors such as silver, white or black. However, isolated models also come in a colorful look and thus always represent a highlight.

Such a pendant lamp consists of several components. The lamp canopy acts as a fixture, which is attached to the ceiling. The chain of the lamp leads to a kind of column, which connects the arms and thus the light fixtures. Glass chains, as well as crystal hangings, have a decorative purpose and in the last instance refine the look of the ceiling lamp.

Since when there are chandeliers?

For a long time, any festivities were celebrated outside and during the day. However, if due to the weather or nightfall a celebration was to be moved to a large hall, it was necessary to provide an appropriately wide-ranging and holistic light. For this purpose, from the end of the 16th century in Italy, large candelabra hanging from the ceiling were used for the first time, which had many arms made of metal. At that time, candles were placed on their holders and lit - these are still imitated today by similarly shaped illuminants to faithfully represent the style of the time. The idea of Milan-based crystal cutters to give the chandeliers the final, optical touch with their works of art completed the typical appearance of the lamps as we know them today. Meanwhile, they mainly illuminate the living area or dining tables, where they create a magnificent ambience.

How high should a chandelier hang?

To make the most of the maximum radiance of chandeliers, the right height of the lighting compositions is of high importance. In general, rooms with a high ceiling are more suitable for the installation of these lighting structures, as they guarantee a sufficient pendant length. In case you want to install the crystal chandelier above your dining room table, 60 to 70 centimeters of space between the tabletop and the bottom edge of the lighting structure is recommended. There are no exact guidelines for mounting in the open living room or kitchen. However, it is advisable to install the lamp sufficiently high, so that you do not interfere and you can still move around easily.

How should chandeliers be cleaned?

Such a magnificent pendant lamp requires regular care, so that it can fully show off your radiance at all times. Cleaning can be done in two different ways: Either, you clean the lamp dry or wet. The former method should be done regularly, as long as no other cleaning agents are used. For this purpose, a simple feather duster is best suited, with which you can work all the corners of the ceiling lamp. Wet cleaning of the chandelier is basically necessary only once a year. Certain care products, which are ideal for crystal chandeliers, can help. After applying them, you will loosen the dust from all corners of the lamp, thus cleaning it much more thoroughly than a dry cleaning ever could. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before reaching for lamps and cleaners:

  • Before wet cleaning: Don't forget the rough dusting!
  • Make sure the power is turned off. Only after the chandelier is completely dry can you put it back into operation.
  • Always place a towel under the hanging lamp to keep the floor clean.
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