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The technical equipment for your living room
At home it is most beautiful. And the living room is usually the center of every apartment. There they assemble and let the evening end. All the technical equipment for your living room can be found at the ETC Shop.
The TV program
After the LCD TV you will find the right DVB-T antenna or a SAT- System for receiving the TV program. In addition, there are also the suitable receivers for receiving your favorite messages. Those who prefer watching a movie will get the right DVD player and a sound system with surround sound. However, some would rather have a more authentic cinema experience in their rooms. For this, we have screens in different sizes in stock.
In order to create space for all of this, there is also a wall bracket which places the TV space-saving on the wall. Of course, you can also find chic TV sets, which directly carry a mount for your TV.
If you are on the road and do not want to miss the cinema experience, you can simply watch your favorite films on a portable DVD player. Even the right headphones can be found here.
The right accessory for the perfect home entertainment
Here you will find everything you need for accessories. It sometimes gets a bit annoying when some remote controls are around at home. To solve this problem, a universal remote control from the ETC Shop is recommended.
You miss the HDMI connection cable for your TV? No problem … Cables of all kinds can be obtained from us. Even if the cable does not fit we can help you. In a large assortment of adapters there is certainly a solution for every connection problem.
Now only the receiver has to be connected to the satellite dish. For this purpose, you will receive additional cables in large lengths.
The ETC Shop
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