Entertainment for your children
Christmas is coming and you still do not have the right gift for your child? How about an RC helicopter or a new city scooter? Here you will find toys that make the hearts of children beat faster. Especially crash resistant, the RC Helicopters are well suited to fly in your living space. Does your child prefer to be outdoors? Then you've come to the right place. Take a look at the high-quality scooters, made of aluminum or steel, these bring driving fun and safety. Or how about a stunt kite? Chic design and lots of fun are waiting for you, don't miss it.
Keep an eye on the time every day
You always wanted to get a wristwatch to have always the time in view? In this category you will find the right one. All watches are made of high quality materials and are a real must for every watch fan.
The perfect camping equipment
In addition to children's toys and watches, you will also find camping accessories of all kinds. Be it modern LED lights for the interior lighting of your tent, gas stoves for on the road or thermos flasks, the ETC Shop offers the right accessories for every camping trip.