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Light trees 

To make your home look extra cozy, ideal lighting is essential. In addition to the right interior lighting, the right exterior lighting and great decorative items will make your home extra cozy. What would fit better than a sparkling luminous tree, which is both decorative and gives you cozy light. The ornaments are available for both indoors and outdoors and can be used all year round - not just around Christmas time. Stylish and noble they fit into your homely ambience, freely selectable in different variations. And the best thing is: The high-quality LED illuminants are included.

Illuminated trees for the whole year

The LED decorative trees for outdoor use can easily be used for indoor use as well. There they provide atmospheric and romantic lighting. Due to the sturdy frame made of plastic or metal, you are guaranteed optimal support. For outdoor models, pay attention to the specified protection class, which tells you whether the tree is splash-proof, for example.

Decorative tree for indoor use 

A little tree of lights creates the ultimate feel-good oasis in your living room - and not just around Christmas time, but all year round. Create a romantic illumination with this special lighting: use the all-rounder equally for wedding celebrations, as a decorative element in the office or in entrance halls and welcome employees, guests and customers in an ambience with feel-good character. Deco friends will get their full money's worth and enjoy the ambience to the fullest. The tree trunk and branching are either black or white. The irregular branching makes the branches with light elements look natural - just like a real tree.

Light trees for outdoors

Great items are also available for outdoor use, which are not only ideal as Christmas decorations, but as noble light trees conjure up a great flair in your garden or front yard. The trees equipped with LED lamps consume little energy and do not generate any heat. Due to the frost-resistant cable, your tree can easily remain outside even in sub-zero temperatures. Practical is also the length of the cable, which is usually five meters. Thus, you have a large range and can place your specimen where you want it most. Due to the stable base plate, the decorative items have a good stand. A popular model is the cherry tree, whose bright flowers are the absolute eye-catcher par excellence. This, like all other light trees for outdoor use, is protected against splashing water due to the IP44 protection rating.

Light tree especially for Christmas 

Especially at Christmas, a light tree is ideal, because the decorative items are not only beautiful to look at, but also do not lose needles. There is no need for tiresome sweeping and even allergy sufferers can enjoy them without discomfort. In addition, this way no trees need to be cut down for your Christmas flair. Christmas specimens are also available in a flower pot. Already decorated, the Christmas tree is ready to put a smile on the face of you and your children. Only batteries are necessary to get the tree to light up. You can conveniently operate the tree via an on/off switch. The light source in warm white is particularly pleasant and gives your room a cozy atmosphere. The practical decorative item can be reused every year and also do well at the window all year round.

Have you planned an Advent dinner and do not know exactly how to decorate the table? No problem: the pretty light trees are wonderful to spice up your dinner alongside Christmas candles, wreaths, napkins or a string of lights. The LED lighting is particularly energy-saving and does not detract from the romantic feeling. In addition, you can set further wintry accents with light chains, light nets or light curtains.

Advantages of illuminated trees at a glance

A light tree is so much more than just decoration: it creates a soothing atmosphere in your own home or at work, events or friends. Reduce your stress level with a great blossom tree or the ultimate Christmas lights. Other benefits of a light tree include:

  • decoration as well as illuminant
  • cozy light source in warm white
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • energy saving
  • do not produce heat
  • especially suitable for allergy sufferers
  • can be used all year round
  • inexpensive alternative for the Christmas tree
  • ideal for the office, entrance halls and weddings

Fair prices in ETC online store

Are you looking for the perfect decoration for your living room or garden? Then get yourself a LED light tree, which is not only beautiful to look at, but also provides optimal light. In our store you will also find articles from the Christmas world and fairy lights, which leave a cozy flair not only in the cold season. From an order value of 100 € even the shipping costs are waived for you. Do you have questions about our products, shipping or need more information about our accessories? Contact our professional customer service, we are happy to help you

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