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Do you know this? You may have recently moved into your new home and are busy decorating it tastefully.

2550 Article

Hanging lamps

Do you know it? You may have recently moved into your new home and are busy furnishing your abode tastefully. In this process, the furniture and decoration play just as important a role as a cozy and pleasant lighting. You are not looking for conventional floor lamps or table lamps, but an eye-catcher, something special. One thing is certain: rooms in which work is done, for example the kitchen or the workroom, need a bright light so that there is no risk of injury. If it is about the living room, in which you want to relax in the evening, a pleasantly warm and possibly dimmed light comes to the mind. 

But in addition to the color and price, other factors play a decisive role: Should the lighting composition rather be made of metal, wood, glass or plastic? Do you prefer bright or dimmed light? If you are looking for tasteful table lamps or pendant lamps that will make both your dining table and your living room appear in a good light, our online store is the right place for you. Feel free to browse through our products and get inspired! 

What distinguishes pendant lamps?

This type of lamp can be seen as a modern successor of chandeliers, which is often characterized by LED as a light source. The basic principle of a hanging lamp is always the same and contrasts with wall lamps. A hanging lamp hangs from the ceiling, usually attached to a textile or plastic cable, and illuminates the surrounding area. The pendant lights, as they are also called, are given a special privilege. 

Apart from possible curtains, such luminous compositions are usually the only furnishing object that hangs from the ceiling. So they are an eye-catcher, something possibly unusual or even extravagant, depending on your individual taste. In any case, hanging lamps play a major role in terms of the atmosphere of the corresponding room, so they should be selected and installed with great care. 

What are pendant lights suitable for?

Ceiling lights can be used in a variety of rooms in your home. Whether in the dining room, in the hallway or in the bedroom, wherever a cozy atmosphere is desired, such a luminous composition will do very well. Regarding your own personal definition of "cozy", it should be said that the lights are mostly dimmable, which can also be done via app as an accessory. Whether almost glaring or barely noticeable: Adjust your pendant lamp to suit your preferences. 

What should you consider before mounting?

Pendant lamps have long since arrived in our everyday lives and have established themselves as a piece of furniture. Accordingly, nowadays there are countless models of these lighting compositions. Whether large, small, colorful, black or white, simple, round or square: there is something for every taste. But not every luminaire is suitable for every purpose. For example, an incorrectly mounted pendant lamp can quickly cast unwanted shadows or not sufficiently illuminate the area for which you purchased it. In this article, we have compiled some tips that will help you find the optimal model for your ideas. 

Where to put the light composition? 

This is certainly what many buyers of a pendant lamp ask themselves when it finally comes to mounting. Some places seem to be well suited, but now which is the right one? Therefore, before they start drilling, you should first ask yourself for what purpose you purchased the light composition. For example, do you want to decorate a certain area or individual furniture with it? 

In this case, the ideal place for the hanging lamp is already found. Positioning it as centrally as possible above the object in question (often tables) will provide the best possible illumination, exactly where you want it. 

How high should it hang?

Of course, this factor also depends on your personal ideas and preferences. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: it should neither hang so low that it obstructs you, nor be mounted so high that it insufficiently illuminates the area below. For the appropriate purposes and spaces, there are rough rules of thumb that promise a comfortable height while providing good lighting: 

  • Above the coffee table: 65 to 70 centimeters between the lower edge of the light composition and the table top.
  • In the hallway: if you have rooms of normal height (2.30 to 2.40 meters), it is best to install the lamps about 20 to 45 centimeters below the ceiling.  
  • For dining tables: 75 centimeters between the tabletop and the lower edge is well suited - i.e. slightly higher than above a coffee table
  • Above the kitchen island: to ensure trouble-free work, it is a good idea to mount the pendant lamp at your shoulder height (standing). 
  • Above the bedside table: you should leave at least 30 centimeters of space between the table and the light composition. Of course, it also depends on how high you lie through the pillows and whether there may be high objects on your bedside table

What shape and size for what purpose?

With regard to the shape, it should be noted that pendant lamps emit light depending on it accordingly. The most common here are lights that only shine downward and are accordingly well suited for individual pieces of furniture such as a table. For the lighting of the rest of the room can provide floor lamps. In addition to these common models, there are also lighting compositions that illuminate the room to the side or upwards. Due to their greater range, such a lamp makes a particularly good illumination of an entire area.

The size of the pendant lamp depends entirely on your personal taste. If you want to replace your old model, but do not want to change anything in the range of light, you can measure the previous pendant lamp and then research for a suitable successor. In the event that you do not have a comparison, in terms of the size of the light composition, go ahead and get a little creative. Even everyday objects, which in terms of dimensions are close to your ideas of the new copy, can help you choose your new hanging lamp. 

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