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Moisture-proof luminaires: Robust lighting solutions

Moisture-proof luminaires are real sources of light that provide enough light even in the wettest basement! With them, every room becomes a waterproof highlight and even in the darkest hours, they show how you can keep a clear view everywhere. With a high degree of protection and durable materials, they are ideal for a wide variety of damp areas of use. Take a look at our selection and find the right light for your rooms.

Damp room lights for damp and wet rooms

Whether in a small private basement or at the workplace in a large industrial hall - our LED moisture-proof lights in various versions are the ideal lighting solution for every damp area. Wherever there is a risk of corrosion and electric shock due to moisture and moisture, the lamps used have sufficient protection in the form of a polycarbonate cover.

Bathroom and laundry room

Washbasin, toilet, shower or bathtub – these are just some of the possible locations where lamps require special protection from moisture. Our robust models not only offer excellent protection from protection class IP44, but also illuminate your room in damp environments in the morning and evening with their even light. From warm to cool white, each light source adapts to your individual needs. This means that they are also ideal for larger washing and drying rooms in a cold or warm white light color.





Basement, cellar

For the basement, LED moisture-proof lights with at least 800 lumens and a cold white color temperature are unbeatable. Regardless of whether you want to work there or stack boxes - these lamps not only provide bright lighting, but are not at all affected by moisture. Durable, robust and ideal for anyone who doesn't want to constantly change lamps.






Storage hall

In huge warehouses, wet room lights are the boss among interior lights! Not only do these models shine brighter than the sun, but they also defy moisture and dust with a smile. When you turn on the lights in your warehouse, every forklift becomes a star in a Hollywood blockbuster. This is lighting with attitude – strong, bright and ready for tough use! And don't forget, due to their size, our hall lights are also ideal for particularly large warehouses as well as demanding environments and damp rooms.






Outdoor area

Moisture-proof lights are the real source of light outdoors! Rain, snow or storm – it doesn’t matter. With the right light you can reliably illuminate your garden, driveway or balcony and ensure that the darkness stays outside. No weather can harm them, because with the right protection class (recommended from protection class IP 65) you are always prepared for anything.






Moisture-proof lights: Waterproof light for bathrooms and basements

Moisture-proof luminaires are the ideal lighting solution for wet and humid environments. A few drops of water won't do any harm, because its secret lies in the IP protection class. The first number indicates how well they are protected against dust, the second indicates how well they are protected against water. We recommend at least IP44 for the bathroom so that water and light don't get in the way of your wellness oasis. They are also ideal in the basement, where it can get damp. However, the required protection level always depends on your room, so you can also seek advice from our competent lighting experts when making the right selection in our online shop.

Buy wet room lights in the ETC online shop

Moisture-proof lights not only provide a lot of light in dark rooms such as basements, bathrooms and hallways, but also transform them into a bright zone in the house or at work. Thanks to their water resistance, they can withstand humid environments and ensure a cool atmosphere. Anyone looking for the right moisture-proof luminaire will also receive the necessary know-how from our experts to quickly and safely make their own four walls shine in a new light. Your ETC shop team!

Frequently asked Questions

How do I install an LED moisture-proof light?

To replace traditional lights with LED lights, turn off the power, remove the old lamp, open the new light and carefully remove the LED unit. Then mount, connect and screw tight the PG screw connection through which the power cable is routed. Now you can insert the LED unit, put on the protective cover and close the locking brackets. Installation by a professional is particularly recommended for wet environments.

When does a damp-proof light make sense?

Moisture-proof luminaires are highly recommended when there is high humidity and dust levels, as their high protection class provides optimal protection against water and dust. These conditions mainly exist in bathrooms, basements and storage rooms.

What does a wet room light consist of?

The moisture-proof luminaire usually consists of a lower polycarbonate shell, a cover and a support plate. Some models also have a grille on the housing and through-wiring that allows multiple lamps to be operated at the same time.

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