Crystal pendant light

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Crystal pendant lights

To make your home look its best, beautiful furniture, carpets and decorations are often not enough. To set them in scene and realize their full potential is the task of lighting structures, which can come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. In case your heart beats for pompous and ostentatious models, which are flamboyant and attract all eyes, a crystal pendant lamp is just what you need! This lamp is a real highlight even when it is turned off, and even without lighting it serves as a shapely decoration and the focal point of any room. In addition to these eye-catching lighting compositions, we have a variety of other outdoor lights and indoor lights in our online store that will delight you. Among them are table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps as well as corresponding accessories at a reasonable price. Our wide range offers a variety of lamps with different styles, which are guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired. Thus, there is a suitable model for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about delivery, shipping or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to help you with any article and provide you with further information if necessary.

What are crystal pendant lights?

These lighting constructions represent ceiling lamps that are mounted with a base on an appropriate ceiling of the room and hang from a sturdy cable or metal fixture, like chandeliers and chandeliers. Depending on the diameter and place of installation, such a lamp can serve either as primary or secondary lighting, illuminating areas of different sizes. Most often they are made of sturdy metal such as brass or chrome. The feature of this lamp represents its unusual appearance. Some of the models are flamboyant and decorated with magnificent crystals, which are particularly well accentuated by the light when the lamp is switched on.

Moreover, as far as the crystals are concerned, there are different specimens Some models are decorated with a large number of the jewels, while others are equipped with them only selectively. In the latter case, the small glass stones set small accents and look less ostentatious. As the illuminant of the lamps, a powerful and environmentally friendly LED is used, which is convincing due to its long service life. Some lights are also equipped with practical additional functions. Thus, some models include a remote control, are height adjustable or dimmable.

Where can the pendant lamp be used?

Within your four walls, many places are suitable for an installation of these magnificent lighting constructions. However, like chandeliers, they come into their own especially well in rooms that are used for spending time. This primarily means the living room, dining room or bedroom, whose ceilings have a certain height. On the other hand, the models are rather less suitable for damp and work rooms. These include kitchen, bathroom or a workshop, as any foreign objects that get to the lamp could damage the specimen. The following places you can choose for mounting the pendant lamp without hesitation:

  • In the center of the living room, to attract all eyes as a decorative element in the center and sufficiently illuminate the room.
  • Above the dining table to provide a cozy ambience during meals. 
  • In the entrance area of your four walls to welcome invited guests. 
  • In the bedroom, where the dimmed pendant lamp will lull you pleasantly to sleep.

How does the installation of crystal lights work?

Due to the fact that the lights are mounted on the ceiling, you should make a few preparations before commissioning. Simple and rather harmless steps, such as making certain holes in the ceiling or fixing the light source (LED) in the socket, you can do yourself without any problems. However, if it comes to the electrical installation, you should consult a specialist. Thus, you reduce the risk of injury to yourself during the installation, as well as the use afterwards. It will also ensure that your ceiling lamp is installed correctly and has a long service life.

How should the models be cleaned?

A magnificent crystal ceiling lamp should be regularly maintained, similar to a chandelier, so that its radiance and color such as black or white is not lost in the long run. Cleaning can be done in two different ways: Either dry or wet. The former method should be done regularly and incorporated into your weekly housecleaning routine. A simple feather duster is best suited, with which you can reach even the smallest corners of the ceiling lamp.

Wet cleaning of such a light construction is usually necessary only once a year. Mild care products can help. After its application, you will loosen the dust from all corners of the lamp and thus achieve a much more thorough cleaning. However, you should consider a few things before you reach for the cleaning agent:

  • Before wet cleaning do not forget the rough dusting!
  • Be sure to turn off the power during cleaning. Only after the pendant light is completely dry can you turn it back on.
  • Always place a towel under the pendant lamp to keep the floor clean and dry.